Lamps and lighting for healthy environment
Lamps and lighting

Lamps and lighting for healthy environment

Choosing the right lamps and lighting system is important to read comfortably in an office or at bedtime, offer a dinner at home or improve performance and safety in the kitchen. Here are some tips to hit the mark:
Lamps and lighting for healthy environment
To read in bed ideally, dirigible lighting and the open beam so the light fades and the paper does not dazzle.

In the office, the desk lamp with swing arm is the best choice. This must be placed below the eye.

To highlight artwork should use low-intensity halogen spotlights and at some distance. Then you can complete the general lighting lamps and floor lamps desk dimmable to direct the light beam to the ceiling.

In the halls stand on the wall sconces or lamps on furniture auxiliary, with the light to the ceiling, to increase the feeling of spaciousness.

In the bedroom is a need for a general light, one for reading in bed and one in the closet. It should install light dimmers, especially in the living room, dining room and bedroom.

The bedside lights should not be too low or too intense, so you can use without disturbing the sleeper.

It is advisable to keep a soft light behind the TV screen to mitigate contrasts and avoid reflections.

Gives very good results make feet table lamp with baskets, tin boxes, vases and candlesticks.

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