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Living in Singapore: Affordable Ways You Can Make Your Condo Feel Like a Grown-Up Lives There

Living in Singapore

For first time homeowners, purchasing their own home is a big step towards adulthood. Other than landing that first job and getting a real taste of what it’s like out of school, having your own place is an important milestone.

Status of Real Estate in Singapore

Right now, if you decide to buy private residential homes, you will need to prepare funds like never before. Since 2010, properties surged in the market. Just in March of this year, there was a 3.1% price increase according to Singapore Residential Property Index. For this reason, most residents, and indeed those who have just moved in Singapore prefer getting condos. It’s more than just avoiding the price hikes in land and private property. But as their first home, it’s easier to maintain and a practical choice considering the circumstances.

However, even with the reasonable Singapore property prices, it seems you’re having a hard time making your condo feel like a home owned by a functioning adult. Look at your place now, is that how you really imagined your home to be like? Pretty sure you’ve envisioned a living space that looks magazine ready.

If not, then we’ve prepared simple, cost-effective ways to turn your first home into a condo you can be proud to own.

Keep it bright

Let’s fix your lighting situation a little bit. A bright room will make the space look more open and airy, and you can do this in two ways:
• Invite as much natural light as you can. In the morning, open the curtains or blinds so that your room is brightened by the sun. If you like to control the amount of light coming in, especially if it’s getting too hot, avoid using fabric heavy curtains so that the natural light is only slightly dulled.
• Get LED lights for your fixtures. Bad lighting will not just make your room look cramped, it’s very bad for your eyes. LED lights are much cheaper than other bulbs, and they’re more energy- and cost-efficient.

Use muted paint

The basic neutral colors are a combination of white, black, and grey. These may seem a little boring to you, but these monochromatic colors can add a bit of sophistication to your room. Anyway, you don’t have to use these colors alone. Of course, you can add a bit of color for as long as it’s complementary.

An example of complimentary color combination is using three shades of blue like Oxford Blue, Prussian Blue, and Carolina Blue with the base grey and white.

You can also choose neon colors, just as long as you limit it to just three kinds and pair them with white to break the pattern.

Display art on the wall

Wall art is an easy way to invite culture into your home, other than displaying your record or book collection. While you may not have the actual Monet or Van Gogh, you can always have them printed out, framed, and hanged on the wall.

If you have friends who are artists, one way to show your support is to commission an art piece from them and have it displayed where everyone can see it.

Put potted plants

Plants can make a room look more alive. You don’t have to put them inside the house, if you’re worried about the dirt or the falling leaves. You can always just hang them at the balcony where it can get sun and air. You can also choose ones that are low maintenance so you won’t have to replace them every time.

Consider multipurpose furniture

Some people may gawk at multipurpose furniture, but these are practical especially if you want to use the space for more important things. If you can find a stool that doubles as a compartment, that’s one less storage to worry about.

You can also consider installing wall mounts to lessen the clutter on your shelves and cabinets, and allows you to display some of your cool trinkets.

These are affordable ways to make sure your condo looks like an adult has been living there. Remember that while you’re living in a budget, it shouldn’t limit you from decorating and designing your home to your comfort level.

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