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Luxury and environmentally friendly carpets

Looking for environmentally friendly carpets for your house ?

Today ‘s environmentally friendly is strongly requested for the furnishing of private homes. In particular, environmentally friendly carpets ones that are made ​​with natural fabrics, no chemicals, and therefore does not harm the environment.

Usually they are treated with vegetable oils and balsams , such as beeswax, to give results worthy of praise in respect of health and the environment.

environmentally friendly carpets



The green carpet , popular home very old, are entirely natural, made ​​of skins, leather, wool or silk. But we see in the specific characteristics of these  natural carpets and how to recognize them .

environmentally friendly carpets

Natural wool or silk carpets, oriental

The oriental rugs are crafted with dedication and sparingly, so are very resistant. The rule is that they become more beautiful with the passage of time, gaining greater value. An authentic oriental rug because it recognizes is made ​​exclusively with natural vegetable dyes, not synthetic.

Such a carpet excels in quality and environmentally friendly. The ideal to be placed in the living room, or bedroom.


Sisal rugs and bamboo

We can define the nature of the rugs , because given the physical characteristics of these environments are able to create very natural and pleasant.

In particular, sisal rugs , made ​​from fibers extracted from the leaves of sisalana, fail to ensure durability and quality. These are stain-resistant, perfect for decorating all kinds of environment.


environmentally friendly carpets


The bamboo rugs , however, are among the most environmentally friendly, economical and durable, ready to bring a breath of pleasant environment preferred nature .


environmentally friendly carpets

Hemp Rugs

The carpets in hemp are renowned for durability and Lalor. The only drawback, lack of softness, in fact, are very suitable for traffic areas or living area. Recall that hemp is a natural fiber hypoallergenic , which makes the rug a beautiful and lasting piece of furniture over time.


Shaggy rugs

Recent years have seen a frantic rush of buying shaggy carpets , which are commercially sleeping more or less long. These rugs are finished with long strands of knotted wool, playing the nice effect of natural goat hair .

Very soft and comfortable, are ideal to decorate the bedrooms and bath rooms.

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