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How to make the windows work

The windows are our nexus of union with the exterior. In addition to light filled the interior of our home, windows also flood life and beauty spaces. Although at first sight it may be easy to decorate the windows of the house, in fact there are a few tricks that we must take into account to maximize this space. Discover how to take advantage of home windows .

Windows with high or low light

The windows connect us to the exterior and fill our spaces with luminosity. But what can we do when light enters through them? Then dress it in style to highlight this space. Perhaps a double curtain, decorative curtain holders, blinds.

But if a large amount of light comes through the window, a good decorative trick is to paint the wall a somewhat dark color and white carpentry details. The result is a color contrast that overflows style.

Windows large or small

If the window is large you can place a double glass that isolates the house from the cold and heat, both in summer and winter. In addition to the large amount of light coming through them, large windows have another important advantage: they are incredibly decorative. Therefore, we can allow them the luxury of recharging and decorate with lots of details, such as with a nice wooden frame .

But if you care about functionality, nothing better than combining materials. That is, it preserves the aesthetic and natural wood for the interior frame of the window. While for the exterior it chooses a much more practical material: pvc.

a practical bench with storage space in order to create a pleasant reading corner

If on the contrary the window is small and does not circulate too much light, our advice is to avoid recharging it with too many accessories. So forget about placing furniture or large pieces in front of it, as they will prevent natural light from circulating throughout the room.

In this case, the best curtains are the blinds, since we can pick them up without having to cover the window. In this sense, it is also advisable to choose light colors and natural fabrics and not too thick, so decorate with lightness and luminosity our small window.

The space below the window

Another aspect that we must take into account if we want to take advantage of our window is the inferior space of the same one. If there is nothing, we can take advantage of this corner as we want.

For example, a practical bench with storage space in order to create a pleasant reading corner. Accompany it with cushions or plaids to achieve a more welcoming atmosphere.

Another option may be to place the bed in this space to make the window become an improvised and luminous headboard. We can even take advantage to place a study table. So we can take advantage of sunlight to work during the day. it is also advisable to choose light colors and natural fabrics and not too thick

Another option is to place a m auxiliary ueble shelving to create a small library. We can even place plants and natural flowers and decorate a small green lung in this space. In addition, if the window receives enough hours of sunlight, our plants will grow full of life.

If we have the heating …

But what if we have the heat under the window? A good idea may be to fill this space with one of lamas cabinet to allow heat to pass and circulate throughout the space. In addition, you will have a decorative shelf in which to place some nice vase or that novel you are reading.

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