Choose the best handle and locking system for Making Your Door Burglar Proof
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Making Your Door Burglar Proof

Choose the best handle and locking system for Making Your Door Burglar Proof
When choosing an exterior door for your home, it’s important to consider the security measures it can offer, and the effectiveness it possesses when restoring heat in your home, as well as how it looks visually. Doors are the first impression that visitors will have of your home, but they are also your first defense against burglars and opportunists. We’ve devised a guide to help you when selecting a door that you can be certain will leave you and your family feeling more secure in your home.

Choose the best handle and locking system

Generally the main safety aspect of your door will be the lock that you install. Whichever style of door you decide on, whether it’s a French door, sliding door, or more of a standard entrance, the locking system will be vital. Choose a high quality dead bolt lock for extra security. This teamed with a solid door and frame will make it near impossible for your door to be kicked down. A door will only be as strong as its lock, and vice versa, so make sure you go for superiority, even it if means spending a little more. Also, ensure that your hinges are as strong as possible.

Select a high quality frame with double glazed glass

Doors with windows or glass panels are usually regarded as more unsafe than their competitors, but there are measures you can take to make your door with glass in more secure and safe. As any reputable window and door manufacturer like Anglian Home will tell you, double glazed doors are the best option, as they will be stronger, and therefore may deter criminals. If your door design allows, aim to keep glass panels as far from locks as possible. It may also be a good idea to opt for textured or ‘etched’ glass, so that viewing the interior of your home via your door is decreased.

Be careful when installing a letterbox

Letterboxes are a common feature of homes and front doors, but they can also provide potential burglars with an opportunity to gain access to your home. You may also want to take precautions to avoid mail theft. The best things to do when installing a letterbox in your door include installing it at least 400mm away from the lock, and remember to not install it at the bottom of your door, so that thieves are unable to reach and grab your mail. Consider investing in a box that you attach to the back of your letterbox on the inside of your home, with no bottom to make it pretty impossible for thieves to take advantage of it.

Fit a spy hole

Spy holes are a really simple, easy way of adding extra security to your door, and making your family feel safer as a result. Familiarise your whole family with it, and make sure even younger members know how they work and what they’re used for (you will more than likely need a little step to help children see through it). Remember to never allow access to any person that you don’t recognise, weren’t expecting, or don’t feel comfortable with.

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