Surely a girl or boy also enchant you this cute character is Mickey Mouse
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Rooms Decoration with Mickey Mouse

Basically Mickey Mouse type of decoration is for smaller home, especially for girls and boys. For this I want to recommend you continue reading this article very carefully, so that you can acquire ideas for decorating the room of your child.

We all know Mickey Mouse is a cartoon that often what we see on television is favorite drawing for your smaller ones. Surely a girl or boy also enchant you this cute character is Mickey Mouse, so do not hesitate to decorate their room with the style of Mickey Mouse.

Mostly the Mickey Mouse decoration is highly recommended for all children’s bedrooms, so that your little one has very close to their favorite character. As I said earlier that Mickey Mouse is the most famous mouse in the world and is highly preferred by children.

Decorating a room with Mickey Mouse is fun and easy, especially children will feel happy and rest comfortably

Decorating a room with Mickey Mouse is fun and easy, especially children will feel happy and rest comfortably. This type of decoration is not only for boys but also for girls.

What to highlight the whole child’s bedroom decor is Mickey Mouse, which is why, you should choose a Mickey Mouse will be original and well-durable material that will avoid so quickly go bad.

The good news is that today, you can find such quantities of merchandise that has the image of Mickey Mouse. So do not make problems to choose the best you like your little one, he’s also in charge of choosing this character.

Especially you should buy paintings, clocks, bedspreads, curtains, linens and furniture with the theme of Mickey Mouse, these different accessories you should place them in the bedroom of your little one, you should also keep in mind that these accessories should be of good quality.

The characteristic colors of Mickey Mouse is the gray, red and black, and these colors should always be present in the decoration.

Then I will teach you how to make a decoration with the theme of Mickey Mouse, so pay close attention. This decoration is highly recommended for kids who are fans of Mickey Mouse and Minnie.

* The red color of the walls refers to the clothing mice. It’s a pretty bold for walls color, but certainly it looks great.

* On the main wall we see a dialog with the face shape of the mouse is placed, and another wall in the famous white glove, which serves small pot.

* The same red walls is repeated on accessories Lightbox in pillows and bedding.

* The furnishings are beautiful lacquered wood in white, an excellent choice as it creates a beautiful contrast.

* In each bed are small pillows with the faces of the mice, Mickey is the child’s bed and Minnie the girl.

* Finally, quilts are black, color could not miss if it is a bedroom based on these cute little mice.

The Mickey Mouse Bedding Decor is very popular, you will not have trouble finding accessories and furniture with this indo character. If you do is used in decoration bold, bright colors.

It is recommended that you paint all the bedroom walls a bright color, as this can be visually overwhelming, but if you can paint a wall in a bright color. Then you paint the walls, you must put some photos or pictures of Mickey Mouse.

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