A small foam roller is the best tool to apply the paint to all parts of the furniture.
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Mistakes to avoid when painting a piece of furniture

A small foam roller is the best tool to apply the paint to all parts of the furniture.
At the time of renovating our home there are many possibilities that help us to give it a new look. The most common, which unfortunately involves spending money, is to buy furniture and accessories with the aim of achieving a radical change. However, there are also other options much cheaper, as is the case to be encouraged with a craft or try to change the appearance of a piece of furniture that bores us.

In the latter case it is likely that we want to give a coat of paint of a different color to the original. It seems easy, but in reality we must take into account a series of errors that must be avoided at all costs so that the result is as expected.

1- Sanding is essential

It is true that on the Internet you will find articles like this one in which they do not give importance to sanding. However, to eliminate any type of imperfection you should use fine grain sandpaper , which is the one that goes from 150 to 180. Of course, it should be applied with gentleness, since the objective is not to raise the surface, but to prepare it for facilitate the adhesion of the primer layer. If the surface is varnished, you will have to use a coarse-grained sandpaper (between 60 and 80).

2- Removes dirt

The next step is to eliminate the dirt, which implies to finish with any rest that could have been loose after the sanding process. For this it is highly recommended to use a wet cloth. Of course, if you want the result to be excellent, use a tacking cloth , because thanks to it you avoid the harmful effects of water on the porous surface. The tacking cloth, if you did not know it, usually comes in small squares and is a cheese cloth impregnated with beeswax.

3- The time of the primer

The primer is a phase that we can not skip, especially depending on the type of finish we want for the furniture in question. It will save layers of paint and help to make it even . We could say that it is the base of a good grip, a sealing layer that must be allowed to dry following the manufacturer’s instructions.

There are several types of primers (for wood, for metal, for PVC, for concrete facades …). The most common is to choose a primer for wood, knowing that in turn there are several types: pigmented (to seal the pore of wood), filler (with a non-pigmented system) and colorless (for exterior wood, except for wood exotic).

4- The time to paint

A small foam roller is the best tool to apply the paint to all parts of the furniture. Ideally, apply three thin coats of semi-gloss latex paint . If there are residues or we appreciate that there are drips in some area, we will have to put to sand between layer and layer, for what is usually left between six and eight hours.

5- The final shot: the application of the protector

Once again you should use a mini foam roller. Before, yes, make sure there are no traces of dust or lint using the tacking cloth I mentioned earlier. When you have done it, apply a thin layer of polyacrylic glossy protector. You have to do it gently and take a look at the possible bubbles that can be caused by the fact of using a foam roller, which does not cease to be the most suitable for that purpose. Before returning to use the furniture, you must let 72 hours pass to stop noticing the sticky touch left by the protector during the first hours.

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