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Nordic design furniture with Asian air

We present a new aspect of Nordic design furniture that reinvents itself again: sobriety, minimalism and elegance of style Bauhaus staged with Asian manufacturing material and absolutely craftsmanship. It comes this German-Danish firm, fairly young, called Norr11. And as always, we share our findings with you. Above, table Rough, suar of untreated wood, made in one single piece.

Nordic design furniture with Asian air

For each design, choosing to young talents who create unique pieces: from start to finish, the designer engages and monitors the entire route of the piece. Like other companies, Norr11 ensures that, in the manufacturing process, keeping all controls and sustainable environmental, and labor relations respectful and caring for the communities involved.

Nordic design furniture with Asian air

Although it appears that these seats are an imitation of the famous Chair And Wegner for Carl Hasen (also known as Wishbone Chair), in fact, the famous Danish designer high chair is inspired by the stately seats Ming Chinese, who Norr11 has re-interpreted in the model Shanghai, with rope or leather seat.

The chair NY11 is another leading Scandinavian design, inspired by the school seats that were widely used in the early part of the twentieth century. It is made in black-stained oak or in natural color’s table, very Bauhaus style, with a lightweight design, is a wooden board and inner sheet, which can be fitted with different legs.

The communion between the Nordic style functionality and beauty of the materials and handcrafted finishes Asians is the value that this new company puts at stake and we hope to know more news this year.

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