A good way to give new life to the furniture is with the patina technique
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Patinated Furniture: Decorative Effect with Painting

Making a patinated on wood is not a complex technique, it simulates an aged with paint, and is indicated for old or economic furniture. The patina is a decorative effect with painting that is done so that the objects look old. But there is no doubt that this well-known technique is beautiful not only for what seems to be, but also for the aesthetic enhancement achieved by the furniture improved with it.

A good way to give new life to the furniture is with the patina technique

It should not be confused with decapate or pickling, which pretends to have the same but more rustic effect and is done in another way, although both techniques can be combined on the same object.

In some cases, the patinated ones give an old feeling with what you can give a new style, but undoubtedly the patinated furniture looks more fresh and jovial. It is a sort of combination between the past and the present, and is perfect for Provencal decor styles, rustic Shabby and Boho Chic .

The step-by-step patina technique

A good way to give new life to the furniture is with the patina technique. It is not at all complicated and can give new airs to the furniture, especially if it deals with the most economical, or old in bad condition. With it it is possible to revive the look of the wood of old recycled furniture.

Step 1: First, clean the surface to be painted, sanding if necessary. Then wipe with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust from the sanding.

Step 2: Once the surface is clean it is time to apply the first coat of paint. Carefully brush each brush stroke, and remember that there should not be a brushstroke thicker than the other, it is ideal that you take the time to do the work neatly. You should let it dry for a day or two.

Step 3: It is time to apply the second layer of paint, a color different from the previous one, with which the desired effect is created. It is applied irregularly and smoothly so as not to completely cover the anterior layer. It is advisable to load the brush very little. At the moment remove the most amount of paint with a dry cloth, leaving more quantity in the corners and moldings.

If you want to add other shades to any part of the furniture, you can color this white patina with any type of dye, like the universal dye. This combination is what gives you nuances and feel of pickling. To protect the finish, you can finish the job by applying a colorless coat of paint once the previous coatings have dried completely.

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