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Professional Tips for the care of appliances and home

Feather duvet: If you are wrapped in a feather or down comforter in your bed, remember that in order to keep it in perfect condition for a longer time and that it feels spongy and pleasant, it is important to ventilate it, fluff it and shake it once a week so that it evaporates. humidity that forms in its interior and recovers its fluffy tone. When the season is over, take it to the dry cleaner to clean it dry.

Clean pressure pot: The bottom of the pressure cookers becomes darker with the passage of time. To eliminate these dark fences, you have to rub the inside with a sponge moistened in vinegar. Then, wash the pot with soap, rinse and dry. It will have the clean and bright color of the steel again.

Steel countertops: The stainless steel countertops, now very fashionable, are easy to clean, but they are easily scratched. Therefore, no dirt is rubbing gently with a cloth soaked in olive oil.

Tablecloths with spots: Tablecloths and napkins are, together with children’s clothes, the most dirty pieces of clothing. So that they are clean of difficult spots, it is convenient, before washing them, to leave them to soak in water with two tablespoons of ammonia per liter of water.

If you want to give an extra touch of brightness, rub with a cork sheet that you will impregnate with a little bit of glycerin

Impeccable tiles: Do you want a definitive trick so that the tiles of the bathroom or the kitchen are perfect? You just have to clean them with newspaper, moistened with water, in which a trickle of ammonia will have dissolved. Try one of the tiles first and, if the result is good, dare with the rest. Another trick that will work is to wash them with water to which you will have incorporated an important jet of vinegar.

Glue in good condition: Surely you have noticed that the metallic glue tubes, if they are not used, end up hardening and you have to throw them away. To prevent this from happening again, be careful to keep the tubes -of course, perfectly closed- inside a jar of glass with airtight seal. The glue will remain in perfect condition to be used.

Mothproof Cedar: If in your home cupboards you have cedar wood hangers to keep moths away, we provide you with a trick to reinforce its effectiveness: once a year, lightly sand the cedar wood with a fine sandpaper.This way, you will strengthen its anti-moth effect.

Leather sofa: If we have a leather sofa or footrest and we notice that it needs special nutrition, since the skin begins to crack, we will prepare the following repairer: Boil 300 ml of linseed oil and let it cool. Afterwards, we will add 300 ml of vinegar. The mixture is applied with a clean, lint-free cloth and then polished with another dry cloth. The skin will be perfectly nourished.

Hinges that gnash: If the hinges of a door have begun to squeak, they are begging you to lubricate them with a little oil or with a pencil lead. The problem will be solved in a few seconds.

Clay soil with lime: If you have on your terrace or balcony a terracotta floor that has spots of lime, clean its surface with water and vinegar, in a few days the white spots will eventually disappear. To prevent them from coming back, add a splash of vinegar to the water every time that you scrub it.

Food stuck to the pan: If the food has been stuck in a clay pot, do not rub it excessively because you could scratch it or break it. Put the casserole on the fire with water and vinegar in equal parts. When the water has warmed up, add a handful of salt, turn off the heat and let it cool: the remains of food will come off by themselves.

Always fluffy towels: The chlorine in the water and the successive washings cause the towels to lose their softness and, in addition, dry out worse and worse. A home remedy to recover the original touch of the curl is to add a little bicarbonate to the rinse water. Remember that it is better not to iron them, since the fibers are crushed.

Faded garment: If a piece of natural fiber has taken the color of another garment that has faded, introduce it in a hot water soak with the shell of two eggs. Leave for two hours and rinse with clean water.

Stuck sink: If your sink does not gobble the water well it may be stuck for some reason. Try pouring coffee grounds from your coffee maker into the drain and then fully open the tap to dissolve. I’m sure your pipe thanks you.

Eliminate the bad smell of shoes: If you keep all your shoes in a shoemaker it is likely that after a while it does not smell very good. To remove the pest from footwear, you will only have to put a small container with some coffee beans and others of anise inside the shoemaker, which you will find in herbalist shops. Bad smells at bay.

If you do not have distilled water: If you have an ironing session and you have finished the distilled water from the iron, try using the melted water from ice cubes in your fault. You will be able to iron as always and your iron will not notice it.

Stuck pipelines: If the drain of the kitchen or bathroom are clogged, sign up for this infallible trick so that the pipes do not fail: Give them a little cola at night. You will check the unclogging power of the tail.

White boards: To whiten tile joints in an easy way, apply a scrubbing of water, bleach and detergent, let it act and then revise with a brush moistened with water. Lastly, you will only have to clarify.

Yellowish rubber: Do you use a rubber on the table in your house? Has it become yellowish? To regain its original white, you just have to soak the plastic layer with a sponge soaked in milk.Afterwards, you just have to rinse it well and dry it with a dry cloth.

Opaque toilets: Do the toilets in your home have a light opaque veil? To remove it there is nothing like washing the toilet properly and passing it, once rinsed, a cloth soaked in hot vinegar diluted with water. They will shine like the first day.

Mirror without fog: To prevent the mirror in the bathroom from fogging up again with the hot water vapor, take a clean, dry cloth, pour a few drops of normal shampoo and apply it to the mist. Let it dry and you will not have that problem in your bathroom again.

Cupboards with smell: To make your cupboards smell great, use the trick of our grandmothers. Wrap some quinces in a little piece of tissue paper. Its fragrance will gently but deliciously perfume your clothes, and you will notice it every time you open the closet.

Synthetic velvet: Do you have a chair or sofa upholstered with synthetic velvet? Remember to brush them vigorously on a regular basis so they do not accumulate dust and hair does not crush when sitting. From time to time, rub them with a cloth dampened in hot water with a trickle of ammonia.

Clean extractor: When you are going to clean the accumulated fat in the extractor hood, you will do it without much effort if, before proceeding to apply the special product, you put to boil water and lemon juice for 15 minutes. The released steam will act as a degreaser and it will cost you less to eliminate the grease.

Ancient porcelain: To recover the white color of an old porcelain crockery that, due to the passage of time, has turned yellow, let the pieces soak in warm water with a good jet of bleach. Then, fry them with mild dishwashing detergent, rinse and dry very well making the shine of the porcelain.

Remove labels: To remove the adhesive labels that are stuck on many objects, soak them with hot water, put on a few drops of detergent and let act a few minutes. Moisten the tip of a cloth in alcohol and rub circularly over it: the label will soften and come out easily.

Excess foam: Surely it happens more than once: when washing a garment or crockery by hand, too much foam remains in the sink. Well, the trick to eliminate it easily is not to let the water run, but to wash your hands with a soap bar. It seems to be a lie, but it works.

Move furniture: Do you need to move heavy furniture, but you have to drag them and you fear that they end up scratching the floor? A very simple trick: insert a thick wool or cotton sock on each leg and place the furniture on a blanket: you can drag them without risk.

Shoes that tighten: If you have shoes that squeeze you, try to widen them with this trick: Moisten a lot of newspaper sheets with hot water and, well drained, insert them into the shoes, squeezing them together the better. Leave them inside for 24 hours and then try on the shoe. If necessary, repeat the operation again.


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