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Remodeling ideas: Interior decoration Trends 2013

Everything changes and nothing stays the same, is it too obvious to say so, in this way? Even in times of crisis changes seems impositions and obligations that come from outside. But the truth is that we can renew, decide some changes in your favor. For this simple reason, today we offer some ideas for remodeling your home decor in this New Year begins. For further guidance, we offer some of the new trends in interior design 2013.

these trends are not set in stone and you can find ideas for decorating your own home, own and still feel it on par with the times

New air to decorate the home

How to give a new look to the home? What you should build? Decorating your home can be the result of how you see the world or how to react to external stimuli. Between decorating trends 2012 saw the colors bright and vivid, full of character, imposed in the color palette, but what will happen in 2013?

Just look for the influence of nature in your home, with lots of textures, colors framed calm surfaces with colorful and vibrant elements that remain the joy of the new year.

2013 colors to decorate

According to experts, the color palette for decoration, 2012 responded in part to the need to seek hope and optimism in difficult times, and we know that the colors in decorating can influence and affect us for good or bad mood.

The 2013 decorating trends indicate that the new color palette to decorate seeks a return to the base in pastel shades and the use of neutral tones. Of course there is still committed to the vibrant colors, but rather as decorative accents, ornaments or objects in certain functional importance in interior decoration.

Materials in interior decoration

The 2013 interior could be seen as a proliferation of new textures and surfaces. On the one hand you must use natural elements to decorate every room in the home. For example, the decoration of the living room can be made with natural and rustic carpets, use wood trim or decorate with stones or metals.

Put some rich textures natural elements inside your house together with the vibrant colors put into the details, provide the perfect balance between nature transferred to the decor and motivating color notes that add optimism and joy.

Using upholstery and textiles

You can also natural to all those elements textiles that are in every corner of your home. Why go with plain prints? You can choose curtains, covers for chairs or throw pillows to decorate with floral patterns, animals or anything else that refer to nature.

It can be a good excuse for papering the house somewhere and daring with this way of decorating the walls, choosing designs and natural patterns such as those noted above.

So far we have given an insight into the trends in interior decoration 2013. Clearly, these trends are not set in stone and you can find ideas for decorating your own home, own and still feel it on par with the times. Do not forget, you can always leave us your ideas, comments and suggestions of design and decoration.

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