Renovating the kitchen on a budget in the weekend

Normally, the budget is often the biggest obstacle to overcome when doing works. In rooms such as classrooms and dormitories renewal is often cheaper, because just a lick of paint and some furniture or complement to turn them over. But there are other areas of the house where reforms are more complex and therefore more expensive: we are talking about, among others, of the kitchen.

But do not worry, you can turn your kitchen into a newest style on a minimal budget. Simply follow the tips and designs ideas below and take the help of nearest DIY center with any of the products of designed art to renovate these spaces with ease, and as always.

Go to DIY center with any of the products of designed art to renovate kitchen

Monolayer for Wall Painting

Sure you love the kitchen in the first picture, right? As it is not so complicated to achieve, or at least achieve a similar environment. First you will have to paint the walls white, if not tiled, it is best to use a special paint for humid monolayer. If they are ceramic coated with a special glaze for these coatings and a foam roller by lying immaculate. Do not forget two coats.

Acrylic Enamel

As for the furniture, also can be painted with acrylic enamels special (lines kitchen and bath, available in brands like Titan, Bruguer) without priming them. In these photos you can see how they look in pastel blue, gray and off-white. If you can use to change the handles, much better, and the ground can also be renewed, either with a waterproof laminate floor with either a vinyl flooring adhesive that mimics ceramic or wood. And all without works, without spending a fortune and in a weekend!

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