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Romantic Ideas to decorate your room for Valentine’s Day

Those who refuse to celebrate Valentine’s Day are right about one thing: you do not need a special day to celebrate love. However, this date no longer an excuse to redecorate the room and turn it into a romantic place, where love and passion are the main components of the environment. If you are looking for decorative tips for creating the atmosphere that rekindles the flame of passion, then these romantic ideas for decorating your room will come in handy, whether you want to change to specially celebrate the day of love or just want to make a change in your decorating thinking about your partner.

celebrate the day of love or just want to make a change in your decorating


The lighting can be very effective to spice up your relationship. The light in the room should be bright but not warm and soft. The candles can evoke feelings of intimacy, that also help stress evaporate and cause the eyes to focus on privacy. Also, give a romantic touch to the room. Group the candles in various corners of the room to get a better effect. A regulator type light dimmer to dim light helps space to flourish inner feelings. You can also place mirrors so they reflect light. This will give more depth to the bedroom.


The curtains also play an important role. Looking for curtains and dark seductive materials, able to control the lights and noise from outside, if you live in a very busy place. Combine with bedding and leave the windows open to the breeze lift and play with them, this will add a touch of romance to the space.

Bed sheets and covers

The sheets and bed covers are the focal point of the entire room decor. Do not focus only on the colors, but test with sumptuous textures. The silk and satin fabrics can be perfect for your bed, it will give you comfort and relaxation while adding sensuality. Nothing like the touch of silk on the skin. If you can not afford silk sheets, then try 100% cotton sheets of many threads that have almost the same texture as satin.

Choice of colors

The choice of colors for the bed should not be left to chance. Looking for warm colors, energetic awaken passion. The red wine, dark pink, black and any shade deeper may be ideal, but as always it depends on your taste. You can add interesting textures: velvet cushions, wool, faux fur and can be used to add new areas to stimulate senses.

decorative tips for creating the atmosphere that rekindles the flame of passion

Add a canopy to your bed with small lights can also be an interesting option and very romantic. Find how to do in this article, it is not necessary to make a great investment for a delicious and perfect bed for love. Space complemented with aromatic candles, soft music, chocolates and a bottle of wine. A detail strange flower petals on the bed and on the floor.

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