Replace Your Furnace

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Furnace

Whether you own a home or a business, you likely have a furnace. A furnace is one of the major components of a central heating system, so it’s important to keep up with repairs and make sure that yours is in working order, not only to keep your space heated in the colder months, but also for safety reasons. Unless you’re a professional, it can be difficult to tell when a furnace needs to be replaced, so here are 5 foolproof signs that it may be time to replace yours.

It’s 15-20 Years Old

Furnaces do not typically last longer than about 20 years, and can start to have issues at around 15. If yours is around there, it’s a good idea to have a professional come and inspect it. They’ll be able to tell you if it’s time to replace it, if it just needs some maintenance to last a while longer, or if it’s still running well.

Replace Your Furnace

Your Energy Bill Is Going Up

If you’ve noticed that your energy bill is higher than usual, this could be a warning sign that your furnace needs to be replaced. A furnace that is working harder than it should be uses more energy than one in safe and working order.

You’ve Had Multiple Furnace Repairs

A furnace can only be repaired so many times before it’s time to go ahead and invest in a new one. At a certain point, replacing it will actually end up saving you money in the long run if your current one is in constant need of repairs.

Your Thermostat Is Not Working Properly

If you are having trouble regulating heat in your home or business or you’ve noticed that one room feels too hot while another feels too cold, this could be a sign that your furnace is not working properly. A professional will be able to tell you if it is in need of a repair or a replacement.

It’s Showing Signs Of Carbon Monoxide

If you have a natural gas or propane furnace, carbon monoxide is the most dangerous thing to look out for. If your burner flame is yellow instead of blue, you find streaks of soot around the furnace, or there is rust on ay of the pipes or vents, or you are experiencing any symptoms such as frequent headaches or burning in your eyes and nose, you should open some windows and have someone come and take a look at your furnace right away.

Hopefully these tips help take some of the guess work out of furnace maintenance, and there are so many reputable companies that will be able to help you, whether you need a replacement or simple repair.

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