Small Kitchens seven secrets to a great decoration

Small Kitchens: seven secrets for a great decoration

The decorators are no obstacles working in small spaces. A room of small dimensions can be as elegant as a large and sumptuous dining room: you just have to keep in mind some basic rules, and apply certain tricks-to make the room appear wider and comfortable. Those who have little place to put the table and chairs, do not despair: here are the seven secrets for decorating small kitchens, saving space but no style.
Small Kitchens seven secrets to a great decoration
Seven secrets for decorating small kitchens
1. Colors clear and limited. Small spaces along better with a soft palette, bright and not too many colors. Shades of ivory, pale yellow and white are choices that never fail. Use contrasting accents (either a colored dark or bright) to give prominence to certain items and print an interesting character to the dining room.

2. Lamp ceiling small. Instead of large spiders common in extensive dining, opt for a small lamp ceiling. This will make the table look larger.

3. Simple windows. The multiple and dramatic draperies have no possible place in a small dining room. Choose simple window treatments that allow the entry of very light the dining room. The more light, greater sense of spaciousness.

4. Roundtables. Without doubt, the circular dining sets are eternal allies of the small dining rooms. Not only fit in practically anywhere, but makes the perimeter of the room seem larger. Moreover, unlike the rectangular tables, round tables always allow a diner to make room for more. If you have guests often committed extendable tables.

5. Mirrors. arch-known is that the mirrors multiplicand spaces. Place one or two mirrors on the wall, at the height of the chairs, to enlarge the dining room and multiply deceptively light.

6. Delicate chairs. Opt for single seats without arm rests, with thin lines. Every inch of space counts when it comes to generating more widely.

7. Corner Cupboard. To keep the dishes and linens without taking up much space, choose a small cupboard suspended and put in a corner. Take the surface to locate plants and ornaments to complete the style of dining.

Small Kitchens seven secrets to a great decoration

Small Kitchens seven secrets to a great decoration

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