This cleaning should be done by separate room one by one, starting for example by the kitchen

Steps for Cleaning an Apartment

Keeping the house neat and clean is an important part of being a person, just as this in many cases directly related to the maintenance of good health and mental condition. To begin it is important to distinguish between “preventive maintenance” and “corrective maintenance” of our place of residence.

As preventive maintenance can understand all those cleaning tasks that can play in the development of activities in our daily lives and do not require additional time to the work, this work for the case of the kitchen can be the hub cleaning trash, cleaning doors and drawer handles used during food preparation, microwave oven cleaning, sweeping and mopping the floor daily.

With the above only need five minutes of time and prevent grease is accentuated in our pantry doors, drawers and generally contribute to that requires less time for “corrective maintenance” that will address later.

Cleaning room is very important that within the cleaning preventive maintenance, which should be daily, daily cleanse surfaces to look more like shelves, coffee table and sofa arms for example, the organization of the elements used during the day and do not correspond the room as it would be a book, a glass, a magazine, all that must return daily to his place.

The swept and mopped daily. As in the kitchen, this work does not require more than five minutes a day and has a positive impact on comfort.

In the case of bathroom, it is important that every day, in addition to sweeping and scrubbing (in all cases), cleaning the mirror greatly influences the perception of the cleanliness of the place.

This would be part of a series of preventive cleaning tasks that you should try to do daily for good maintenance of the materials such as tiles, floors, wooden frames etc.

Corrective Maintenance Cleaning

It is a task that should be done weekly, and have 3-4 hours of your time, and may even be less if you followed the advice to be cleaned “superficial” daily.

This cleaning should be done by separate room one by one, starting for example by the kitchen.

Kitchen Cleaning

Here we start from the top of it as pantries and storage furniture pots, cups or food, removing food debris, poorly sealed packaging, coffee and others also drying surfaces to prolong the life of wood (most are made from chipboard and must remain dry).

Continue down toward the counter, where we find the appliances to be cleaned out as well (this because in many cases the microwave or the fridge will cater only on the inside), the drain grates, faucet (like mirrors bath, greatly influence the perception of the cleanliness of the place).

Then you get to the bottom under the counter where it is very important to ensure we have no leaks or splashes into these places, in some cases it is recommended each week focus on one or two items that we have there, like pots that are not used or Food processors use only on special occasions, to clean them well and return them to there once dry.

Finally the bottom consists of sweeping and scrubbing the floor, once swept the kitchen floor and due to the accumulation of fat, you should use the same broom next to a preparation of soap and water with a little dust degreaser to “brushing” (using the brush) and then scrub.

The above process is the perfect excuse to wash the broom (often, at the end of life, the house broom has not washed even once).

This cleaning should be done by separate room one by one, starting for example by the kitchen


To begin it is very important to note that not under any circumstances use abrasives such as steel wool, because the brightness hurt much bathtubs and tiles.

Ideally, use an anti-lime, or else resort to home remedies and use white vinegar.

What we must do is to rub limescale our toilets attached to a piece of cotton or cloth soaked in warm white vinegar, then rinse abundantly. If we failed to remove the remains of lime, the operation must be repeated as many times as necessary.

In the case of health, and although it has always rejected the use of ammonia or “strong water” these elements used in the best way, are very effective in the case of health and yellowish spots inside. DO NOT USE THESE LIQUIDS IN THE TUB, causes very noticeable stains are impossible to remove.


  • When doing general cleaning of the house, start with the bathrooms and the kitchen, so that in the end, only lacks dusting and address other more laborious details.
  • Cleaning windows. Clean the glass by passing a cloth dampened in a solution of one liter of water with a tablespoon of vinegar and dry with newspaper sheets. Remain clean and shiny.
  • Cleaning with alcohol. Alcohol is very useful for cleaning windows, glass, tin, silver ornaments and gold, and for example the keys of a piano.
  • Vacuum. Caring for the vacuum cleaner. Never used to clean wet or damp areas and you should not go over the plugs, when not suck hard enough, should be revised. The filter must be kept clean, having a brush occasionally.

Cleaning with baking. Baking is not only used in cooking, also used for:

  • Remove stains on ashtrays
  • Provide transparency to glass vases
  • Clean Marble
  • Clean Silver
  • Remove stains from coffee or tea to porcelain
  • Clean the windows
  • Remove the fat from the brushes and combs
  • Blanch the sink and bathtub
  • Gum on the rug. Apply ice to harden, and then remove it.
  • doors or varnished furniture. Remain clean if rubbed with cold tea.
  • TV screens. To clean the TV screen, do it with water and alcohol. Important: Never do it when the power is on.
  • Mirrors. So they are very clean, there is that rubbing with a solution of water and vinegar.
  • Stained dining table. Sometimes the tables are stained because they put a hot object on it. To desmancharla, cover the stain with a mixture of oil and salt and leave for two or three hours. Then remove and rubbing with another oil mixture.
  • Stuffed animals. Clean them with a paste produced from starch and a little water. Apply it everywhere and, when dry, heavily brushed.
  • Dirty wall. If a wall is dirty, clean it having a thick slice of raw potato and then rinse with a damp cloth.
  • bathroom cleaning. To wash the tub, use half a lemon dipped in salt.
  • washing curtains. When washing plastic curtains bath, add glycerin to the rinse water. So, be kept soft and pliable.
  • Brushes and combs. Brushes and combs must always be clean. Put them for a while in a vessel containing a quart of warm water with three tablespoons of baking soda and then rinse with pure water.
  • This highlights would be the time to clean our homes, remember that the tips for each room are more extended and detailed in individual notes on glass, carpets, doors, windows, and more. Feel free to use the search engine and type in the word you are looking at the top right of the website.

We hope these tips are useful for you and make your home a clean and welcoming.

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