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Stylish Floating Bed Design Ideas

A few days ago I wrote an article on rollaway beds, and today I want to focus on floating beds, one of the most important trends in recent years as far as decor in the bedroom is concerned. As you can tell by its name, they are floating beds, not by magic but because they are anchored to the wall instead of relying on legs to the ground.

Choose models that match the bed so that all you have left better

Lie on a floating bed is wonderful, as it gives you an incredible feeling of floating in the air. Once the evidence is difficult to find one in which you feel better, it’s indescribable. Well, today I would like to tell you about this type of bed in more detail, so you know its features and everything that can contribute to your bedroom.

Key Features of Floating Bed

The floating beds whose main feature will be anchored to the wall headboard area, so it gives the feeling that you are fully airborne. Without legs or anything that supports the floor, but do not worry, it is 100% safe and, if it is well attached to the wall, there is no risk that it might collapse.

it gives you an incredible feeling of floating in the air
One of its great advantages is all the space you stay below that you can use for storage in drawers or boxes. Choose models that match the bed so that all you have left better, but be careful not to put too many things, would take that special effect that gives the bed to be floating.

Most of these beds are rectangular, but you can find some round, certainly more original but need a more tasteful decor. Its subject is not like that of the rectangular, an anchor that will lead directly to the ceiling, so you do not necessarily have to put it against the wall, you can go in the middle of the room, which is most common with round beds .

Transparent legs for Floating Bed

If you dare not or do not want to put the suspended bed, you have several models of beds available with transparent legs, which give the same effect but are flat on the floor, as usual. They are so transparent that they are nearly invisible to the eye. This option is also the cheapest, since the floating are still a bit expensive.

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