• Recommended Black Out curtains for home environments

    How to achieve a beautiful decor with curtains

    In the whole decoration, curtains occupy a prominent place, as they define the style of the interior, and create atmospheres; the floral curtains, for example, put on a lighthearted note salon, bed linen invites subtle tones sleep and rest, patterned fabrics modernize the furniture and linens for tables are responsible for mood and color a celebration. This time we will talk about curtains, almost inevitable element in every dwelling, also called black out. As you know, the curtains are in charge of dressing the windows, and for this reason you must choose very well to achieve a beautiful decor with curtains, as they can significantly highlight other factors of the…

  • How to curtains your rooms

    How to curtains your rooms for better exposure

    In the decoration the curtains are more important than most people think. Is that serve two purposes, one decorative and functional. Both are very important. The curtains complement the decor of a room and at the same time, protect you from the entrance of direct sunlight, because you know the problems that bring the ultraviolet rays, not only to people but to furniture. And with them you can create different climates inside the room, for example, letting in more or less light. In Dreamy Apartment you can find a wide variety of curtains and blinds to dress your windows. This is a great collection of curtains in various pattern and…