• Multifunction Modular Kitchens: this wonderful invention is separated in 3 modular furniture

    Curious Multifunction Modular Kitchens

    As we always do, again today, we bring all those who are moving into a new apartment, or those who are remodeling their homes with modern touch, this fantastic multifunction modular kitchens proposal will surely favorite idea. This Multifunction Modular Kitchens concept allows to take the elements that occupy an entire room, and bring them together in a single cabinet against a wall. Basically this wonderful invention is separated in 3 modular furniture called Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3. Each, in its most compact, can be seen as a piece of furniture, a table and shelves. However, all open and there discover that nothing is what it seems. Raising the counter…

  • using shelves little deeper is recommended, and you get to provide everything you have in them
    Accessories,  Kitchen

    How to place the shelves in the kitchen

    Kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the home, right? It is in the place where you prepare and cook food, so keeping the kitchen neat and tidy can’t be ignored. Well, the shelves can help you to keep the appliances and accessories in proper order in the kitchen. Whether or not your kitchen is small, you should know that the shelves built into the wall will help you make the most of available space and easily the most frequently used kitchen ware appliances. To achieve this, it is important that your hands are near and within sight of who is going to prepare food. The walls just…

  • Photos of Rustic Kitchen Decor

    Photos of Rustic Kitchen Decor

    The rustic style kitchen decor lets you bring the outdoors to your kitchen. Through by this decoration you can recall the nature and return to the simplicity of the past without losing the advantages of modern times. For that reason we use natural elements like wood and stone. You may use, for example, pine cabinets and a dining table that matches. Floors can be wood laminate but of a darker shade. You can also choose a stone floor. When choosing accessories thinks elements found in nature. You can fill wicker containers with pine cones and place them on the table or countertops. Regarding color tones orange and red are best.…