Christmas Decoration

Home made Centerpieces for Christmas 2012

Who has not happened? You spend so much time arranging the house, setting up the Christmas tree and looking for recipes for Christmas dinner, when your guests are about to arrive you realize you put the table but forgot the Christmas centerpiece altogether.

We bring you some ideas for Christmas centerpieces that are designed not only for emergencies, but as simple ways to decorate the Christmas table, saving time and money

But do not panic, do not despair or leave immediately to find what we need in a store that is sure to have everything but what you want. We bring you some ideas for Christmas centerpieces that are designed not only for emergencies, but as simple ways to decorate the Christmas table, saving time and money.

Simple ornaments for the Christmas table

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Practically not have to buy anything I suggest you use here to make a homemade Christmas centerpiece. But now let me tell you that if you do not have at home pineapples, wild flowers and some dried branches thin, a good time to go out and collect them in the park.

Moreover, it is time to cram the pantry all nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc..) As well as being tasty to enjoy throughout the year (at least I do), this time invite us to use, and will be very helpful to improvise a Christmas decorations last minute.

For example, suppose you do not have the beautiful centerpiece that you used in last Christmas. Not to worry, you just serve pineapple, walnuts, hazelnuts, small flowers and leaves, and some branches to place in the center of the table surrounding decorative candles, wide and colors, to dress the table Gala and warmth, ideal for a Christmas dinner with friends and family.

Improvising centerpieces

Need more ideas? Have a glass vase on a table lost corner? Well, suffice it to fill Christmas spheres of various sizes and colors, surround yourself with a wreath of colors and you have almost a centerpiece simple and practical.

Want to recycle an old Christmas wreath? Well, use it as decoration for the table as follows: a glass with a bouquet of orange flowers, like daisies, and place the center of the Christmas wreath. In the space medium, you must put some Christmas pineapples and fill in the gaps by placing nuts of different types and sizes. Did you expect one table decorated for Christmas as rustic and natural?

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And if not, resort to what my grandmother once did. Not finding a centerpiece that he liked, pulled out a silver tray dresser, found three small candles, arranged in a diagonal line, removed some needles of Christmas tree to make a sort of nest green and added some colored balls could no longer hang on the tree. I simply had to use everything at hand to make a Christmas centerpiece for easy, economical and in less than 15 minutes. What do you think of this idea to decorate the table?

Christmas Decoration Design Trends and Styles

Hand painted Christmas Tablecloths

I guess I should be preparing Christmas decorations from the arrangement for the door to the smallest details of the Christmas table. I, too, so I take the opportunity I have in Dreamy Apartment to share with you a simple and original idea for hand-painted Christmas tablecloths.

Hand-painted Christmas Tablecloths

I must admit that the freehand painting is not my thing, I do not advocate too much with the brush, but that did not stop going to decorate my Christmas tablecloth, so I thought that a technique that can be used for all we make our hand-painted tablecloths, is the stencil.


So if you want to paint your Christmas motif tablecloths can not help but continue reading this post.



Stencil plates. You can buy or can you do with a cardboard or a sheet of acetate on the basis of models then I leave.

Fabric Paints

  • Brush or sponge. Depends on the effect they want to achieve, if a firm or faded paint.
  • Smooth fabric tablecloth
  • Figures for the stencil

Hand painted Christmas Tablecloths

Step by step

  • The first thing to do is spread the tablecloth on a table or flat surface you choose, be put down not to stain paper.
  • Then you need to choose the stencil designs that want to use and the places in which you will print designs.
  • The procedure is very simple, you can place the stencil and paint the inside with a sponge dipped in paint or a brush.



Finally, you should let it dry, then board and ready, and have a beautiful Christmas tablecloth to show off the Christmas dinner.


If you are interested in Christmas decorations do not fail to access the link and see all the items we have on Dreamy Apartment on the issue. I hope you like these beautiful tablecloths stencil.