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How to remove the bad smell of clean clothes?

When the washing machine, instead of washing begins to impregnate your clothes with unpleasant odors, something inside it is not working properly. This type of incidences is usually associated with the poor maintenance of some part of the circuit where the water passes or even by a tank (the one that surrounds the drum) full of soap residues or others. Put measures so that it does not happen.

Tricks to treat clothes

Within the entire range of materials of our different types of garments , cotton by its internal structure is the one that most easily succumbs to that adoption of damp stale odors , like stagnant humidity. Naturally, most of our intimate garments are made of cotton, so sometimes we assume the problem from another front and we think that the use of these garments is the cause of the problem.

remove the bad smell of clean clothes

If you are on the verge of despair because each new wash you find the same smell , there are several considerations to keep in mind that insurance can help you find the crux of your case.

The laying of the clothes

Probably you have already taken into account, but the laying is very important. Ventilation between garments and between the parts of the garments themselves is essential for perfect drying. If you make large castings and do not fit on the tenter, do not pile up, dry the garments in different tenders. (When the environment is usually more humid due to the rains and the few hours of sun, the radiators are a good alternative)

The ventilation of the washing machine

The bacteria and fungi are able to be installed in any place where a little water generates an ideal space where they can splash around. Once you proceed to wash, the capricious bacteria, multiplied exponentially, go to your clothes.

The storage of dirty clothes

If the basket of dirty clothes is a space of fortnightly renovation, you make a disservice to your clothes. In long periods of time they fill with a rancid aroma to that same watertight space.

The amounts of soap and softener

Keep in mind that the washing machine has to drain and recycle the water with which it works. The excesses of soap and / or softener end up clogging the ways out of the water . In addition, the excess of soap impregnates too much the garment and, when drying it remains there with its degenerated aroma towards an indecipherable shade.

Carry out wash cycle in vacuum

Give that taste to your washing machine from time to time. A cycle of washing in vacuum with a little bicarbonate, vinegar or lemon , natural products that disinfect and aromatize. Surely your washing machine will thank you and behave better in the next cycle.
If even with these routines do not finish to remove that smell of moisture clinging to your clothes, or happen again in a timely manner for not having met any of the points, a new wash with baking of these cotton garments will end up eliminating that characteristic smell .

The proper maintenance for the washing machine

For maintenance we usually understand a whole series of revisions , including cleaning, which seek to dispose of our appliance in its best condition, in this case the washing machine. Since you do not have to know about maintenance tasks, you just hope that nothing ever happens.

But maintenance extends to the use of the washing machine itself . I would tell you more, the use is the first and most important level of maintenance. To help in that mission to avoid odors in the washing machine and clothes, you can act by washing clothes as God intended. There are two basic details for you to help your washing machine to work in the best conditions . In addition to the usual adequate loads (no overloads or minimal loads in long processes) and the appropriate selection of the program (the washing machine itself will guide you with its pilots or threads), what has been said, besides this procedure there are two added details, in between path between maintenance and best use:

Check clothes before washing: Forgetting papers in pockets or other worse things can cause breakdowns, poor washing or affect the colors of the garments.

Check the outlet tubes of the washing machine: Behind the washing machine go the pipes that drain. Along with these tubes we usually store detergents, bleaches, dishwasher tablets, the garbage can. Have the detail of checking that between so much storage do not push the tubes or position them at an angle that hinders the exit of the water.