Modern Door Curtains

When we need to renew the various rooms of our house, a good option is to choose to change the curtains, a detail that greatly modify every room of the home, the modern curtains are an excellent choice to manage to have a nice, new decoration in the kitchen, bedrooms and living rooms.

An imposing curtain makes a difference in every environment, modern curtains for bedrooms are ideal for dressing room, the wide variety of fabrics, colors and textures help us spice up a room, but remember to be combined with other elements harmoniously fourth component including:

The padding
The cushions
The carpet
The color of the walls

In a sitting position sliding curtains are very practical, and find very modern colors and designs to create a minimalist and modern, in this case combining curtains and cushions is recommended, try to choose a modern chair to furnish the room, the colors can be changed but everything should be in perfect harmony to get a good result in the decoration of the living.

Another interesting option is to use door curtains are very decorative and provide more privacy to the different environments, the type of curtain should be placed in this case depends on the kind of opening we have in the house, if it is a rustic style door made of wood fabric curtains will opt for bright colors in warm tones can also be placed curtains fringes that are very colorful and very nice.

If we have walls painted in neutral colors or white an interesting option is to put some curtains in a strong tone, this will give added warmth to the environment, the ideal is to place an object in the same tone of the curtains can be a rug, some embellishment on the wall or perhaps a lampshade.

The curtains are responsible for dressing a window, provide that special atmosphere providing the warmth and good taste, its function is to give more privacy to the rooms, are they that dim in the room for a better rest, and bring a great decoration, seen as just renew the curtains in a room the room will look very different, high, low, sliding, rolling, whatever the modern curtains we choose, we give you the perfect decorative accent for every room of our home.


How to achieve a beautiful decor with curtains

In the whole decoration, curtains occupy a prominent place, as they define the style of the interior, and create atmospheres; the floral curtains, for example, put on a lighthearted note salon, bed linen invites subtle tones sleep and rest, patterned fabrics modernize the furniture and linens for tables are responsible for mood and color a celebration. This time we will talk about curtains, almost inevitable element in every dwelling, also called black out.

As you know, the curtains are in charge of dressing the windows, and for this reason you must choose very well to achieve a beautiful decor with curtains, as they can significantly highlight other factors of the room as the color of the walls, but if your choice is not correct, it can significantly impair interior.

Recommended curtains for home environments

If you choose to place two color shades it is important to know that ideally it has a soft neutral color and a more intense, and this is important for two reasons:

If you put a curtain with two rich tones, the atmosphere will be overloaded and the curtain will be very invasive.You can make an exception if you need to put in a child’s bedroom where you want to highlight the bright colors, this combination can be mixed with apple green orange.

Recommended light color curtains for home environments

If you choose two colored curtains it will not look as it should, although this type of curtains can look good for a studio or office where neutral, light colors are best, but generally not recommended for other home environments.

The Black Out curtains usually white, however any color serves as none of them transparent in all, not allowing the passage of outside light.

Recommended Black Out curtains for home environments

Decorative curtains give you more privacy and services to protect environments so they are not as visible from the outside.However you can place them elsewhere only as a decoration, as is the case for example of kitchen door curtains, if it is a rustic, which come with floral prints are best, although you have fringed curtains that go very well in these places.

The fabrics are always present in every home, no matter what style you choose, the curtains are good allies to protect your house looks from the outside, providing beauty and full enclosure to different environments so that they look lovely with special style, while obscuring in full and complete spaces you want to preserve the outdoor light, such as bedrooms.


How to Put Up Blinds and window coverings

The blinds are the whole universe itself decorative with lots of options, materials, features and finishes, as well as being directly related to the world of sewing and crafts. It would be impossible to summarize them all in one post, but I’d choose a small selection for inspiration to highlight its infinite possibilities.

But the curtain does not have to be permanently relegated to oblivion

One of the finest models is called Japanese panel (which takes its name from the traditional Japanese house with mobile walls), usually distributed in vertical panels that are hung on rails in several ways and move from left to right or vice versa, or While open to the sides from the center. It is the most comfortable and visually clean if you have large windows or glass doors that require to refine the natural light by time of day or season.

Blinds are currently manufactured in many materials: The most common are made in natural fabrics such as cotton, canvas or linen, but if you do not wash often you can choose the fabric with a vinyl or polyurethane finish that prevents dust and moisture. The trend called new rustic has promoted the use of bamboo or wood panels (like the picture) to give the room a warm and colonial style.

In the case of having multiple windows in a bedroom, why do not you put all the blinds equal, this creative tonal gradation in red serves to give a touch of color nice, matching bedding and decorative headboard. Choose blinds wisely for white furniture and light woods to avoid overloading the inks.

Blinds are currently manufactured in many materials

Nor is it necessary to give up the traditional curtains by placing a blind fact, as shown in this bedroom: The traditional curtains are replaced by a double blind set out on itself to graduate light at various levels, and the curtains still having its function give or take privacy.

But the curtain does not have to be permanently relegated to oblivion, a blind guy “roller “(of which are wound on top) supports placing two different fabrics if you assemble two rails which rotate opposite to the translucent fabric the dim up or down independently.

Finally, you cannot forget the last generation blinds, those who are going through or motorized domotics control, can be electric, but there are also models that are loaded with battery or solar power, an attractive alternative Blinds to use in outside areas. This style tends to be sober and neutral tones, but most manufacturers recognize customize if major projects.

Accessories Bathroom

How to choose and fit Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are the most economical solutions for the bathroom. Usually your first bath accessories and since then over time you investigating in shower doors, glass doors and other rigid solutions.

The truth is that taking a shower is one of the most special moments of the day. Sometimes you do it quickly, sometimes overwhelmed in and if it is part of the daily routine, you can think about the design of the shower curtains for the bathroom decor.

It is clear that in addition to plain shower curtains can also find designs curtains for that very original and funny

Colors of Shower curtains to decorate

You can find shower curtains in the most bright spot colors, which are the most common and cheap but not more bland. Instead, depending on the decor of your bathroom will be like shower curtains can be integrated more or less space, achieving harmony and right mix.

Designs and motifs

It is clear that in addition to plain shower curtains can also find designs curtains for that very original and funny. They come to moles, striped, floral and natural to suit any decorating style.

Modern Styles

Your minimalist shower curtains, made from simple shapes or lines which you can see in gradations, spot colors, live, in combinations of pairs, as desired. These are specific family spaces where they coexist as they introduce several generations simplicity but, depending on the colors and other elements can be added to make more decorative. Another way to decorate a modern bathroom is with a funny design, finding that nice options such as shower curtains for Facebook addicts.


No less to have this in mind as shower curtains are not only plastic. There are also fabric shower curtains, which multiply the possibilities when decorating the bathroom. You can combine them with towels, or the bathroom tiles and achieve a decorative effect overall.

There are also other ways to decorate shower curtains that may be useful. The decor with shower curtains is given by the design and the colors that can be well customized. It is the beauty of these designs that give great value to the decor of your bathroom. When you have to select, research first because there are thousands of varieties that you will be full of pleasure and far more fun.