• Funky Furniture design
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    Funky Furniture Design

    Design furniture is funky, funny, surprising. If you like creative decorating you are a little bit bored with traditional furniture, do not miss this furniture. DreamyApartment.com is always with you. Furniture seem straight out of a scene from Alice in Wonderland of Tim Burton, fun and different. In photo number 2 two armchairs in a strawberry and the other in white. Design chair “morning dew”. There is also a sofa with two pieces. The colors of pearl gray, coffee, soft turquoise, pink, beige, red. The photo number 3 seems several chairs in different colors, forming a bouquet of tulips. This flower has inspired its design, Kati Meyer Bruhl.   The…

  • Teenage girls’ Bedrooms
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    Teenage girls’ Bedrooms

    For the teenage girls, sleeping with photos, there are some ideas to decorate the bedroom of a teenage girl, eighties style, romantic, modern. A teenage girl’s bedroom with colorful style. The white, pink , red, orange. White canopy bed, white tables, white walls, red soil. Orange chair. Bedding in floral print in the same tones. A color blind strawberry notes on the white wall. Several plain-colored pillows or flowers on the bed. 70s-Style carpet in circles of color.   You see on photo 1, teenage girl’s room decorated with furniture in retro design with the printing type cow. Black and white decor, contrasting with the blue wall. Carpets of white…