• Decorative Accessories

    Practical and Decorative Accessories

    When we usually think of ornaments accessories to complete and may flourish our decor, enhancing furniture, walls and environments in general, however we can also think of a functional and aesthetic at the same time, then we will be speaking of practical and decorative accessories. The accessories that are practical and decorative at the same time usually go with the style or colors combined with living space and can be displayed on furniture and walls waiting to be used, or where help decorate too, as seen in Figure 1, which has placed a barrel against the wall of the bath (similar to wearing the shower curtain) and paths baskets holding…

  • decoration with candles and lights means how welcome wealth
    Christmas Decoration,  Design Trends and Styles

    Funny and Happy ideas to decorate parties

    Shortly you will be celebrating, and what better to give ideas for the decoration on these dates are so important. Your house will welcome a  new year and already this is a wonderful opportunity to get to work! You have many options of course, but let’s start with the simplest and not unattainable. The colors and accessories are a key to any holiday decor, shades of white, beige, raw silver and gold, we always bring a touch of glamor and good taste. For more carefree but without going over, you can do with color.     The decoration with candles and lights means how welcome wealth in your home and…

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