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Decorating Home In Safety For Children

Decorating home is an exciting time, full of challenges and curiosity. It should not be underestimated, however, the aspect of safety while designing the various spaces especially if there are children in the house. Making a Living with children is not easy but taking into account of some simple rules to follow you can get amazing results that will leave you live in harmony and serenity.

Your house should change depending on the developmental stages of your child

Your house should change depending on the developmental stages of your child, because at any age meet different motor skills and then to remove the obstacles and dangers to prevent change.

Choose the environment in which your child will sleep and play you need to make sure:
– the quality of the furniture: they are resistant, in perfect condition with no scratches or chips, painted with non-toxic and free from corners pointed.
– air quality must be excellent, with no pathogens that may cause disease
– the quality of the fixtures : doors and windows must be intact and with the locks without keys

The choice of furniture in the bedroom

If you have a newborn in the house you will have to do so that he can sleep in a bed or suitable cot. The bed must have the long bars on both sides, and the distance between each bar must be such as to prevent that the child growing there might get stuck. The base on which the mattress will be positioned at a height higher due to the inability of the small to stand up and also to help you parents every time you bend to lay your child. The mattress must be the right size as well as with respect to the chosen bed, even anti-mite and not worn out so as to avoid the nesting of harmful microorganisms.

Making a Living with children is not easy but taking into account of some simple rules to follow you can get amazing results

The textile to use must be made of natural and dyed with non-toxic substances. Bumpers, Bombolini (cushions that surround the area where the child goes to bed in order to recreate the maternal embrace) should be positioned so as not to bump into the little threatening to choke him. The rides of lullaby have to be attached to the bed high enough to prevent the baby from cling. Once in three years of age it can choose to have your child sleep in a bed without bars with height regulation for his age so as to avoid falls. For children over six years old, you can choose to furnish bedroom with a bunk bed, but do not forget to include fall protection and that it should have a stable ladder for easy access.

The furniture chosen to complement the child’s bedroom must have been made with materials that are easily washable and non-toxic. The dimensions and the height of the furniture should facilitate the use of these by the child but at the same time be safe and stably anchored to the ground.

The choice of furniture in the common areas

Children growing increase their innate desire to discover the world and the living room will be the land of their exploration. Put safety in all electrical outlets, and remove damaged and cover all outlets with protective devices to prevent accidents. Arrange each cable to all electronic appliances you have at home so that they are at child height. Arrange furniture in the lower corner protectors and if you put the stairs of the gates to prevent the child from falling. The kitchen drawers are prey of your little ones and as well as all the things that are inside. Remedied by putting in the higher and far from their grasp the sharp objects and put all of the locks drawers. Beliefs with chemical detergents and put the locked doors or padlocks.

Baby Room

Tips for decorating child room

The nursery decoration should not be taken lightly. It is not easy to achieve a nursery pleases your little baby and renew the style of your personal space that can become a complicated issue if you have doubts. For this reason we will give you a few tips for decorating child care room that may serve to put into practice at the time of making the appropriate changes and emerge victorious.

Tips for decorating child room

Take account height of your little children to make the necessary changes and based on this, put the light switches, tables, combs, bedding and other objects so that you find easy to use without having to ask for help.

Take a tour of the store decor and paint with the child to select together a color palette suitable for the decoration of your room, so you can be sure you will enjoy it.

It refers to a specific theme to decorate the room, whether princesses, underwater landscapes, cartoon characters or other, the topic you choose will help you recreate the room through shapes and colors and provide your creative work.

Arrange the room in a reading area with bookshelves according to your height and desk ensures that your little children do their work and encourage their reading habits.