• whereas in male or juvenile bedroom with greater intensity of blue
    Interior Decorating

    Do You Dare Purple Decoration?

    The purple color is also known as violet. If the lilac is the blend of violet with white, purple is the mixture of red with blue. It is a color that combines masculine and feminine, hard and soft, hot and cold and offers endless decorating possibilities, lending itself to large number of contrasts. Is said to be an appropriate color to restore harmony, so it is highly recommended in environments where until recently it was considered almost forbidden, like the bedroom. What we see in children’s bedrooms or female in lighter shades, whereas in male or juvenile bedroom with greater intensity of blue, the darker tones in adult rooms. The…

  • Decorate your bathroom with colorful homemade soaps

    Bathroom Decor with colorful homemade soaps

    Sometimes a simple little detail makes the difference and make a style. Bathroom decor with homemade soaps give a charming colors and added delicacy, an aggregate of sophistication, and a special warmth, and always surprising and pleasing. Besides being pretty to watch, homemade soaps may have different fragrances: lavender, peppermint, citrus, floral, and have different textures and shapes. These qualities give us the ability to create a pleasant environment with few resources and very low costs. Whether you decide to make your own soap, as if you are looking at buying homemade soaps colorful fairs and craft markets, we give you some ideas and tips to help you make the…