Christmas Decoration

Home made Centerpieces for Christmas 2012

Who has not happened? You spend so much time arranging the house, setting up the Christmas tree and looking for recipes for Christmas dinner, when your guests are about to arrive you realize you put the table but forgot the Christmas centerpiece altogether.

We bring you some ideas for Christmas centerpieces that are designed not only for emergencies, but as simple ways to decorate the Christmas table, saving time and money

But do not panic, do not despair or leave immediately to find what we need in a store that is sure to have everything but what you want. We bring you some ideas for Christmas centerpieces that are designed not only for emergencies, but as simple ways to decorate the Christmas table, saving time and money.

Simple ornaments for the Christmas table

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Practically not have to buy anything I suggest you use here to make a homemade Christmas centerpiece. But now let me tell you that if you do not have at home pineapples, wild flowers and some dried branches thin, a good time to go out and collect them in the park.

Moreover, it is time to cram the pantry all nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc..) As well as being tasty to enjoy throughout the year (at least I do), this time invite us to use, and will be very helpful to improvise a Christmas decorations last minute.

For example, suppose you do not have the beautiful centerpiece that you used in last Christmas. Not to worry, you just serve pineapple, walnuts, hazelnuts, small flowers and leaves, and some branches to place in the center of the table surrounding decorative candles, wide and colors, to dress the table Gala and warmth, ideal for a Christmas dinner with friends and family.

Improvising centerpieces

Need more ideas? Have a glass vase on a table lost corner? Well, suffice it to fill Christmas spheres of various sizes and colors, surround yourself with a wreath of colors and you have almost a centerpiece simple and practical.

Want to recycle an old Christmas wreath? Well, use it as decoration for the table as follows: a glass with a bouquet of orange flowers, like daisies, and place the center of the Christmas wreath. In the space medium, you must put some Christmas pineapples and fill in the gaps by placing nuts of different types and sizes. Did you expect one table decorated for Christmas as rustic and natural?

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And if not, resort to what my grandmother once did. Not finding a centerpiece that he liked, pulled out a silver tray dresser, found three small candles, arranged in a diagonal line, removed some needles of Christmas tree to make a sort of nest green and added some colored balls could no longer hang on the tree. I simply had to use everything at hand to make a Christmas centerpiece for easy, economical and in less than 15 minutes. What do you think of this idea to decorate the table?

Christmas Decoration

The Christmas tree and House decoration of 2012

This year, you can decorate the Christmas with new trends, without forgetting everything you need to decorate. You don’t have to worry about putting a crown door, and facade with some element, a Santa Claus hanging can be great.

In the hall you can put any Christmas decorations hung, and can be prepared a stereo for Christmas carols. In the lounge, it is recommended thinking tapestries, ornaments and more.

The Christmas tree and House decoration

In the kitchen, you should think of the table and the centerpiece, but you can decorate with other items on walls or furniture, as well as in the rest of the house. Candles can be very good crafts and decorating economic reasons can also be a good choice. You have to plan the decor and carry it out.

Of course, do not forget the Christmas tree, one of the keys. And if you have courage, you can start with the crib, with figures that can be purchased or handmade, moss can be placed under or buy something already made.
The colors will include silver, gold, purple, white and black or white and red.

Tips for decorating the Christmas tree 2012

There are many possibilities to decorate the Christmas tree 2012, some of which are classic, but hey, we’ll give you some ideas.

The first thing is to think of the ornaments, of course, the Christmas ornaments of life: stars, balls, bells, figures, etc.. Also garlands and lights are very important, so you should make an excellent combination of all this, thinking in decor and style that you want to give. Some people prefer to do a mix of everything, and some people want a design in red, or some prefer to highlight just balls. There are many possibilities with respect thereto.

Keep in mind that the decorations must be decorated in order to start with the big to give more importance, but not at the tips of branches in which the colors have to be stronger, and end with a motif important for family at the tip (though generally used the star). As detailed in the tip could be a family photograph.

If the Christmas tree is an artificial tree, you should use something to better aromatic scent, for it can be used lavender, cinnamon or some aromatic herb like smell.

Design Trends and Styles Home Design Idea

Christmas tree decoration with lights


The Christmas lights are not only good for decorating your Christmas tree, you can bring life and joy to the front of your home and garden with them, creating reindeer and other Christmas decorations of your choice.

Christmas decoration with lights

The house is where you receive all your family visits and Christmas, which is why you decorate the garden and entrance lights, decorating trees and creating figures valiéndote moving them in every color you like. Here the limit is your imagination.

Christmas decoration with lights

If your tastes are a little more sober, you can also opt for the Christmas lights decorating the edge of the door, the columns with garlands and white lights or roof edge, white lights are a bit easier and just as Christmas.

Christmas decoration with lights

The yellow light is warmer, it generates a little more attention to the white light and can perfectly decorate trees and metal structures such as snowmen, reindeer and sheep in your garden, it is recommended that these light figures are placed in the garden or at the entrance of your home, to avoid overloading your Christmas decorations.