• The laundry room should be bright and cheerful colors

    Decorating Ideas for Laundry Room

    The laundry room is a place in the house that many do not consider when decorating our home, not being a visible room, despite being widely used, but it is almost always a place where disorder reigns and darkness. Here we show that it does not have to be like, the laundry room can be a tidy, full of light and bright colors, place where we do everyday activities such as ironing and washing, but feeling comfortable. The laundry room is a room in the house, actually practices, which do not pay much attention in terms of decor. That is why, today I want to explain the proper way of…

  • Nordic design furniture with Asian air
    Furniture Design

    Nordic design furniture with Asian air

    We present a new aspect of Nordic design furniture that reinvents itself again: sobriety, minimalism and elegance of style Bauhaus staged with Asian manufacturing material and absolutely craftsmanship. It comes this German-Danish firm, fairly young, called Norr11. And as always, we share our findings with you. Above, table Rough, suar of untreated wood, made in one single piece. For each design, choosing to young talents who create unique pieces: from start to finish, the designer engages and monitors the entire route of the piece. Like other companies, Norr11 ensures that, in the manufacturing process, keeping all controls and sustainable environmental, and labor relations respectful and caring for the communities involved.…