Brilliant Cleaning Tricks To Use This Weekend using kitchen materials

Effective ideas with products that you keep in your pantry, to get a shiny house, in record time and at low cost.

Turn the weekend cleaning into an ecological space par excellence. Yes, we already know that the subject of the house is a nuisance, but while we are here, let’s do it with eco awareness and with the idea in mind of taking care of the planet. And for them we go into the kitchen in search and capture of the best cleaner. No, we are not going crazy. You will be surprised at the number of possibilities that a product can have. This is indeed the multitask moment. Our hit parade of eco-friendly substances consists of baking soda, vinegar, lemons, alcohol and tea leaves.

In which kitchen do we not find all this?

Brilliant Cleaning Tricks To Use This Weekend

Extractor hoods, upholstery that needs a good overhaul, those slippers that “sing” too much, bedding a little stiffer than desirable, somewhat opaque glass and mirrors that do not reflect what they should be our objectives. And if they are also yours, you have reached the appropriate section.

We start the Cleaning Tricks with the mirrors

We like shiny, fog-free mirrors! For this we will use this great homemade cleaner: mix two thirds of water in a pot with a white vinegar spray. Soak crumpled newsprint with it, remove any dirt, and dry with a cotton cloth. Fingerprints are removed by diluting alcohol in water in a container. It is sprayed on the glass and cleaned with newspaper. For dark spots this is our remedy: put a saucepan with water on the fire. When it starts to boil, add tea leaves. Leave about 5 minutes and remove from the heat. Add the mixture to a spray bottle. Apply hot on a cloth and rub the stain until it disappears.

Eco-friendly Apartments Exterior Decorating

Eco-friendly designs: Keys to decorate exterior with a very natural tone

Eco-friendly designs, sustainable trends, organic cooking, etc. How many times have you heard these words? Probably many many times, isn’t it? In fashion, in gastronomy and even in decoration, the natural opens the way in our lives. Inside and out, Eco-friendly natural trends help us decorate healthier, more relaxed environments. And a house space where the natural proposals should not be lacking is the exterior, be it the terrace, the garden, the attic or the porch. We tell you how to decorate a healthier exterior.

the noble and tropical wood that withstands the best weather

Tropical wood

If we speak of natural tendencies we must not lose sight of the wood. Of course, the noble and tropical wood that withstands the best weather. Exotic wood comes from tropical and humid climates, so it withstands moisture better.

As for types of wood, the most used are oak, iroko, ipé, teak and cumarú, among others. These woods have certain characteristics that endow these surfaces with strength and durability.
However, although our outdoor furniture is made of high quality wood, it is important to take care of these surfaces if we want the furniture to stand in perfect condition for much longer. That is, before and after summer we must apply a special treatment for wood.

And during the fall-winter season, it is advisable to protect our wooden furniture by either storing them in the interior or by covering them with a protective cover.

In short, there are plenty of reasons to decorate the exterior with wood. An incredibly decorative, timeless, versatile and elegant natural material, which also adds warmth and comfort to our outdoor spaces.

If we want our exterior to be as natural and sustainable as possible, it is also advisable to choose ecological protectors and varnishes in order to reduce the use of toxic products and components.

Natural fibers

As for textiles, in outdoor Eco-friendly environments, synthetic fibers are particularly successful because they are more resistant and durable than natural ones. However, if we want to decorate a 100% natural exterior, our advice is to opt for natural fibers such as cotton, rattan, jute and wicker . Cotton is a great choice for indoor and outdoor, as it is hypoallergenic, easy to wash, breathable and very sturdy.

Give her flowers

it is important to take care of these surfaces if we want the furniture to stand in perfect condition for much longer

No outdoor space is complete without them: plants and flowers. Eco-friendly nature of life and color outdoor environments that are completely transformed.

A trick before growing plants ? Take into account the hours of sun and shade that your exterior receives, as well as the temperature and the care that these plants demand.

As far as the pot is concerned, remember that small or medium-sized containers and pots are recommended for plants that do not expand too much or require too much depth to root. So your plants and flowers will grow much healthier and beautiful.

A sun and shadow

natural trends help us decorate healthier, more relaxed environments

Another element that should not be missing in a natural exterior is a shaded area. We all like to enjoy the warm rays of the sun. However, as a precaution, it is advisable to set up a shaded area in which to take refuge when the sun is more intense (that is, at noon).

An umbrella, a pergola or an awning (if you do not have much space). Choose the solution that best suits your needs but make sure that this summer you have a corner with shade on your exterior.