• There are plenty of accessories that can be used to decorate with flowers of a different and creative way
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    The latest styles in floral decoration

    After having seen in countless magazines and fairs interior decoration, we have no doubt, natural style is fashionable. Ecology makes the leap to the decoration of the house and makes it in many different ways, either through pieces made from recycled materials, designs that mimic organic forms that are present in nature, botanical prints or plants and flowers cool atmosphere. We are also a big fan of all these trends in Dreamyapartment and so we have in today’s article we want to do something different, want to discuss about the art of floral decoration. This time we forget for a moment and interior decoration to discover the latest innovations and…

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    Interior decoration with flowers

    Sometimes a beautiful centerpiece is enough to make a cheerful and original table, even when it was made with your own hands. It no doubt delight the eyes of your guests throughout the meal. To make a centerpiece in the country style , you will need a third bundle of wheat, one or two scoops of cane, about 50 cm aluminum wire 2 mm in diameter, a few strips of flexible wood, 3 or 4 sunflowers, and, optionally, a small panel of twigs. Added to this list the following tools: wire cutters, scissors, and finally, a hot glue gun specially dedicated to the floral art available in hardware stores. Once…