Goodbye to the fumes: Maintaining a clean and healthy environment

Nowadays kitchens have become main rooms of many homes. Increasingly, our houses have spacious kitchens where we spend much of our time and not only cooking, but also a family meeting point where many moments are shared. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment in them is the primary role of our fume extractor. Having a good hood, with a powerful extraction power, is vital so that the air we breathe in our kitchen is clean and healthy.

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment in them is the primary role of our fume extractor

Choosing the best fume extractor for our kitchen will depend on different factors to consider, such as the m2 of our kitchen. In this post you will find information on the different types of bell that exist and on which bell to choose.

It is evident that the space and design of our kitchen can condition the type of extractor we choose. This is the case, for example, of island bells. This type of bell as its name indicates is designed for kitchens on the island. In addition to giving a special touch to your kitchen, they perfectly illuminate the cooking zone by being suspended directly over this area.

There are also telescopic bells, integrated hoods, ceiling fans, or decorative bells, the latter being the most demanded in recent years. All of them, regardless of their design, have the main function of keeping our kitchen environment clean and free of smoke and odors. And, if when you are cooking, your kitchen becomes a street in London on a foggy day, it is that your smoke extractor does not have enough power and it is time to change it for a new one.

Bell power

As we have just mentioned, the power of our hood is essential to achieve the expected results as far as extraction is concerned.
Choosing an extractor hood with a lower power than our kitchen requires, is a mistake that we should not make, because we will never get the best results in terms of air quality.

When we cook, and depending on the recipe we are preparing, large amounts of fumes are generated in the kitchen, as well as fat particles that travel through the air and we end up breathing if the power of our hood is not adequate.

In addition, odors are also generated that inevitably end up invading the rest of the house. And of course, it is not pleasant to enter a room at the time of preparing the food, and keep smelling the fish or vegetables we have cooked.

To avoid all this, the secret is the power of the extractor .

However, just as important is the power, such as noise, or rather, silence. It is not pleasant to be in the kitchen preparing dinner while your children do their homework, and having to speak raising their voices because the deafening noise of the bell makes it impossible to hold a conversation. For this reason, power and silence should go hand in hand.

And yes, there are extractor hoods that meet these requirements, for example the decorative bell series glass 3BC598GB in white, from Balay. This hood has an ExtraSilence engine, which minimizes decibels while maintaining maximum power.

Another perfect model to keep our kitchen in a clean and pleasant environment is the decorative bell in black glass 3BC497GN . This other Balay model has a completely vertical design, bringing a touch of elegance to your kitchen, and of course a high efficiency and silent motor.

Featured Functions

In short and in summary, we can say that the main or outstanding functions that our smoke extractor must have are: an excellent extraction power and performance. That is, to be able to keep the air we breathe in the kitchen completely clean and purified, eliminating any remaining smoke and odors. But they must also be silent, that guarantee us the minimum noise values ​​so that we can continue using the kitchens of our houses as a family meeting point, where to cook, spend time together, perform tasks and live unique moments.