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How to decorate a long narrow corridor

Decorating a long narrow corridor is not easy. Especially if you are looking to highlight this much-neglected part of the home and to good interior design. Generally, the decoration of a hall is no more than an accessory and a good wall paint. Or they were until today!

Today Dreamy Apartment will teach you some easy tips to follow, ideas that may be helpful to you and provide you a good result. Check them out!

Ideas to decorate hallways: Decorate with lights
If you are talking about a long narrow corridor, there is nothing better than using a good light. Our recommendation is to use small light bulbs or perhaps small ceiling lights that create a welcoming atmosphere and spend more than pleasant.

How to decorate a long narrow corridor

Decorating with books
The books are central to the decor of any part of the home. You must also add how much you like show off! The idea is to take one of the walls of the corridor with books. It can be a reliable alternative if you are looking to remove the boring white paint. We bet your guests will not take their eyes off the shelves!

Decorating with mirrors
How to use mirrors? Generate a sense of depth and offer the possibility of not resorting to the classic paintings. You can look three mirrors with different layouts, and achieve a really great modern effect. What about this idea?

Decorate with pictures
If the corridor is long, there is nothing better than to hang a picture at the end of the course. A colorful and original piece can draw much attention, and divert the eyes of the narrow hallway trying to hide. We recommend you use a colorful picture no matter the tone you have available wall always works!

What do you think of these ideas?
And if you still want more tips, try also with some recommendations to decorate narrow aisles. Without doubt the most difficult to work, but here in DreamyApartment there are many ideas that will provide quick and effective results.
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Ideas for decorating with candles on Valentine’s Day

May be you have been preparing for the day of St. Valentine, I guess you should organize your special evening with the tips provided in DreamyApartment. And for the night even more special you can not miss the sails, the little lights of fire give warmth and romance to the atmosphere, so that you know how to put them bring some ideas for decorating with candles on Valentine’s Day.


There are candles of different sizes, colors and shapes, and time to decorate the Valentine’s Day ideally choose white candles, red and pink and if they are heart-shaped even better.

Ideas for decorating with candles on Valentine's Day

Scented candles are great for creating a relaxed, but if you are going to use candles to decorate the table near dining room you should avoid scented candles because they can affect perception of foods you are consuming. Here are some alternatives to decorate home.


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Ideas for decorating with candles on Valentine’s Day:

Floating Candles:

Ideal for placing in the bathroom, near a bathtub, or to place in a nice bowl with fresh flowers.



Candles in:

To decorate any room, there are holders of various designs and can even customize the simple glass with some flower petals or garlands of paper.


Ideas for decorating with candles on Valentines Day
Decorated Candles:

If we do not heart-shaped candles can give a romantic touch with a few simple details, then you can see some alternatives.

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