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How to choose and place mirrors according to Feng Shui

Do you want luck to accompany you during this new year? You can try to decorate your home following the principles of Feng Shui , an ancient philosophy from China that is based on creating harmonious environments so that these have a positive influence on people. We can not assure you that it will work, but by trying you do not lose anything.

One element that has greater relevance in Feng Shui is the mirror, which must be used very carefully, as they serve to direct the flow of energy qi (active ingredient which translates as vital energy flow) to those places Which has stagnated. Therefore, experts in this ancient philosophy used to recover the missing areas, expanding space, activate weak areas. Now we explain what mirrors must choose and how you should place them at home according to Feng Shui. Can you come with us?

There are some corners of the home in which it is very beneficial to place mirrors

The most recommended mirrors

Although the most important thing when decorating with mirrors following the philosophy of Feng Shui is knowing where to place them, it is also essential to choose the right mirrors. Thus, it is advisable to opt for models large enough to reflect the whole body or face. On the other hand, you should know that to achieve a sensation of greater space and amplitude, it is best to choose large and flat models. It is also important that you consider that depending on the shape of the mirror, its effectiveness will be higher or lower. Thus, the round help keep qi energy, while the distributed oval. On the other hand, the octagonal ones can catch, increase or deviate. The mirrors you should not use are those that deform the image, those of grayish or dark tints, the old ones, those with irregular edges in tip and those of clear spheres.

Where NOT to place mirrors

When using mirrors in your home you must have a clear house: if you place them in front of a positive image, they will return positive energy; If you place them in front of a negative image, they will also return it. Therefore, you must locate them only where you are sure that you will duplicate the positive. In this sense, you should know that it is not recommended to place them in front of doors and windows, as this way the energy is not distributed well by the room. It is also not advisable to place them so that they reflect the bed so as not to disturb the rest. Other places not recommended are at the end of a hallway or staircase, in front of the kitchen door, on the outside door of the bathroom, or reflecting unpleasant objects, including sharp edges or beams. Also, it is important not to face two mirrors nor to locate them so that they form an angle.

Where to place mirrors

There are some corners of the home in which it is very beneficial to place mirrors. For example, Feng Shui experts recommend placing them in dining rooms and living rooms as they help create a sense of greater spatial breadth. Of course, it is even better if the mirror reflects pleasant outside views. They are also advisable at the entrance to provide a strong energy to the home. Of course, it is important that the mirror does not reflect the door. In addition, it is important to note that mirrors are an excellent resource for slowing the negative energy generated in narrow, dark, long, steep corridors. Of course, it is a good idea to place them reflecting valuable symbols: water fountains, works of art, vases … Also recommended on the walls of the stairs. Finally, we recommend that you keep your mirrors clean and, if they break, replace them immediately.

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Interior decoration with Vintage Mirrors

If you are eager to remodel your home to give a new look this year again, the vintage style is among the most economical option because it allows you to merge elements of modern decor with other neo baroque retro kind you can buy in antique shops.

Today we show how you can add a vintage mirror to your decor to give it more style and sophistication to different areas of your home, such as the living room, place a mirror vintage style on a modern furniture gives a different look to your room, allowing them to enjoy pictures of all the guests and family, a neo-baroque frame rate like this, painted in a modern color is ideal for basic colored walls.


Vintage Mirrors


Take the vintage style like this by placing a mirror to your bathroom, beyond having a frame is made the same mirror edge with retro frame shape makes it look to your bathroom as the shrine of the Queen of time.



Getting back to vintage mirror frames painted in matte colors to accentuate a modern in its forms, in this case we show as a white frame oval mirror on a wall can highlight colors and give absolute role.


Vintage Mirrors


But if you’re not willing to make customizations to your vintage mirrors is also valid place in your modern decor as they are, a gilt-framed mirror like this picture, makes it look the bathroom or any other room (a bedroom) a bridge between past and present creating beauty and femininity.