• Modern and functional youth Rooms
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    Modern and functional youth Rooms

    The Furniture Market offers a modern and very nice functional youth rooms in many shapes and colors. Find what you’re looking for is just a matter of deciding, color, and furniture that have dual use, to store all the things a child or teen can have. The JJP furniture company, specializes in this type of furniture since 1987, and from their bedrooms at first youth have become especially important. Some retail furniture designed not to leave any kind of comfort in the rooms and have the enough space to put books, his computer desk, drawers …         All furniture is designed to take advantage of maximum space,…

  • Modular dining furniture for your home
    Design Trends and Styles

    Modular dining furniture for your home

    The company Mesegue, Presents a modular furniture for the dining room, where his design team always plays with the concepts, elegance, lightness, versatility and ability to customize them to suit your always tastes and character of each home. As is the case of the modular furniture design, the highest category for its design and finishes, its great advantage is its ability to adapt to space, because it is modular, you can distribute in the area where you want to place, choosing the how. This other more futuristic design in colored white combined with wood, it also offers the possibility to combine our antonjo furniture, with several storage areas that will…