• What is not so easy it is to get colorful patterns, as most companies focus on neutral tones
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    Colorful rugs for summer

    One of the tips that experts often give interior summer is that we keep the carpet until the arrival of autumn, as these supplements often give warmth, something you do not need when temperatures begin to rise. However, these elements can be very decorative, giving the home a special touch, so many are reluctant to get rid of them. Fortunately, whenever we can find in the market more carpets designed for this time of year. What we do today in dreamyapartment is perfect to show some colorful rugs for summer, plus offer some helpful tips when using these gadgets in the home during the warmest time of year. How should…

  • How to clean floor tiles

    How to clean floor tiles

    If you’ve tried everything to remove stains, water and dirt from your tiles and nothing has worked it is time to find a solution! Today DreamyApartment will teach you some very effective home tricks to let you know how to clean tile very effectively. Forget cleaning products and expensive stain remover that you can only buy in certain stores. Take note of these steps and to clean away! Clean tiles with vinegar and hot water Right. Hot water and vinegar! A homemade trick they have used in my family for years. The idea is to remove unwanted stains, achieving a spectacular shine and permanently remove dirt from the edges of…