• To optimize space on a table are widely used elegant side tables where drinks are placed
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    Decoration of elegant dining table

    When you need to make the decoration of the table at a fancy dinner several concepts to remember for it to be perfect. The elegance of the decoration of tables does not necessarily bring the number of items with which they decorate, mounted a table elegantly simple and simple d├ęcor environment will be more than enough for a perfect evening. Remember that decorating should never come between diners so you should avoid creating barriers between guests. One of the first details you should consider is the space available for decoration, this is achieved by calculating the number of guests and watching the space available when the table is present and…

  • How to decorate Dining table with modern trends
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    How to decorate Dining table with modern trends

    Do you love to entertain? Are you passionate about decorating the table not only the holidays but every day? DreamyApartment will present some examples of how to set the table to beautify your dining room. To set the table the first thing to do is choose a dish by their shape or color that suits your tastes. Then you must find the appropriate tablecloths and napkins for the occasion and also do not clash with the dishes. Glassware and cutlery must also be consistent with the rest of the furniture that you will use. Remember, a center of original table will give the perfect touch to your table. Black and…