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    The French Brand Yves Bathrooms Designs

    The French brand Yves bathrooms experts presents a few lines for your bathroom. Comfortable and functional concepts of baths and showers along with the therapeutic combination unique in design. Surely you will love them for its design. These manufacturers give you one thing is that you give them the idea of ​​what you want for your bathroom, and they will do the project in 3D, thus realizing your dreams. What caught my attention are the sinks that are beautiful. As is the case of this first Ginkgo Basin, with rounded shapes and you can also choose from several colors, natural stone, bronze, zing, stone beige, Pergamon, red, white and gray,…

  • Modern wallpapers for your walls
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    Modern wallpapers for your walls

    The wallpapers are still on the agenda with regard to the decoration of the walls of our home. Lots of designs to suit all tastes whether with classic, modern, ethnic, sailors, modern.  As we go to and many designs to decline by a modern role as the Chelsea No. 100, the material is non-woven. It is very washable making it easy maintenance, and on the same page you say you have to do to find the scrolls you need to paper the wall. You can detach from the wall dry without leaving any residue and can replace other wallpaper. This paper is the color that is fuchsia and pink, which…

  • Bathroom design Tile imitation Crocodile
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    Bathroom design: Tile imitation Crocodile

    Bathroom design. décor tiles , a very special tiles imitation crocodile skin. A sophisticated and stylish bathroom. DreamyApartment.com will tell you more about this bath of design decorated with tiles that imitate crocodile skin. If you like to be the last, faux crocodile leather tiles come as a trend. Come from the collection Savana the Italian company. The tiles have a high shine and the drawing has to imitate crocodile skin .   Deep red, turquoise, brown are the colors of these original tiles. The white sink and even more prominent floral frame on red. Want a different room? Sure these tiles can be combined with the bathroom furniture to…

  • Funky Furniture design
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    Funky Furniture Design

    Design furniture is funky, funny, surprising. If you like creative decorating you are a little bit bored with traditional furniture, do not miss this furniture. DreamyApartment.com is always with you. Furniture seem straight out of a scene from Alice in Wonderland of Tim Burton, fun and different. In photo number 2 two armchairs in a strawberry and the other in white. Design chair “morning dew”. There is also a sofa with two pieces. The colors of pearl gray, coffee, soft turquoise, pink, beige, red. The photo number 3 seems several chairs in different colors, forming a bouquet of tulips. This flower has inspired its design, Kati Meyer Bruhl.   The…