How to buy the perfect wardrobe

Want to buy a closet? Today we’ll talk a little more resistant materials and decorative opening systems that best suit you and also the best interior layout to give your wardrobe. If you are one of those who are still thinking about how to buy, follow some of these tips for choosing the perfect wardrobe and you’ll get better results.

Tips for choosing the perfect wardrobe

What should you consider in choosing a wardrobe?

A good wardrobe is one of the best investments in a house. The space, the light in the room and, above all, the budget are always elements that will determine your choice. If you have room, you can opt for free models, but there is little, you will like it better with fitted wardrobes.

Once you know what type of cabinet you need and therefore is best for your space, you must decide the finish depending on the style of your room decor. If you want light, integrated into the d├ęcor, with wooden fronts, lacquer, glass and also think of the opening system that can be hinged, folding or sliding. Your style will help define the look you want to give your room and color enhance your space look more or less heavy.

Finally you must plan and distribute to detail inside with shelves, drawers, and accessories divisions to increase capacity and order the wardrobe in the best way.

Choose doors

The design and the material it is made will determine your wardrobe style. Wood doors are tougher than the melanin, which in turn can be found in colors. I suggest that the most used are cherry, oak, mahogany, chestnut and walnut for its resistance and soft grain.

The rest are of lower grades, but especially if you are used to be dyed. The lacquer can find any tone. You can combine them with glass or mirrors. Current trends point to doors reach the ceiling, as they give a lighter image besides snow crystals and acid colors, aluminum and other metal combinations.

Inside your closet

The most important thing in the closet is to achieve a practical interior, organized that lets you optimize the space and gain space. You must take into account how many people will use it, how to store the clothes, weight and volume.

From this you can begin to distribute. It makes sense to preserve the most inaccessible to the least used, wean the shoes and not abuse it expensive budget drawers. Design divisions with little depth and height and uses all the accessories that exist to manage ties, pants, shirts, etc..

Opening system

The opening of the cabinet system is essential for the space you have for it. The conventional hinged door requires a minimum of 45 plus cm in front room to pass. A slide can earn up to one square meter of space, because the panels slide in parallel but only should be placed in wardrobes of at least 7 cm deeper than normal to not rub the clothes. Other doors are saving folding centimeters. These are issues to consider when you need to grab the opportunity.