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How to remove the bad smell of clean clothes?

When the washing machine, instead of washing begins to impregnate your clothes with unpleasant odors, something inside it is not working properly. This type of incidences is usually associated with the poor maintenance of some part of the circuit where the water passes or even by a tank (the one that surrounds the drum) full of soap residues or others. Put measures so that it does not happen.

Tricks to treat clothes

Within the entire range of materials of our different types of garments , cotton by its internal structure is the one that most easily succumbs to that adoption of damp stale odors , like stagnant humidity. Naturally, most of our intimate garments are made of cotton, so sometimes we assume the problem from another front and we think that the use of these garments is the cause of the problem.

remove the bad smell of clean clothes

If you are on the verge of despair because each new wash you find the same smell , there are several considerations to keep in mind that insurance can help you find the crux of your case.

The laying of the clothes

Probably you have already taken into account, but the laying is very important. Ventilation between garments and between the parts of the garments themselves is essential for perfect drying. If you make large castings and do not fit on the tenter, do not pile up, dry the garments in different tenders. (When the environment is usually more humid due to the rains and the few hours of sun, the radiators are a good alternative)

The ventilation of the washing machine

The bacteria and fungi are able to be installed in any place where a little water generates an ideal space where they can splash around. Once you proceed to wash, the capricious bacteria, multiplied exponentially, go to your clothes.

The storage of dirty clothes

If the basket of dirty clothes is a space of fortnightly renovation, you make a disservice to your clothes. In long periods of time they fill with a rancid aroma to that same watertight space.

The amounts of soap and softener

Keep in mind that the washing machine has to drain and recycle the water with which it works. The excesses of soap and / or softener end up clogging the ways out of the water . In addition, the excess of soap impregnates too much the garment and, when drying it remains there with its degenerated aroma towards an indecipherable shade.

Carry out wash cycle in vacuum

Give that taste to your washing machine from time to time. A cycle of washing in vacuum with a little bicarbonate, vinegar or lemon , natural products that disinfect and aromatize. Surely your washing machine will thank you and behave better in the next cycle.
If even with these routines do not finish to remove that smell of moisture clinging to your clothes, or happen again in a timely manner for not having met any of the points, a new wash with baking of these cotton garments will end up eliminating that characteristic smell .

The proper maintenance for the washing machine

For maintenance we usually understand a whole series of revisions , including cleaning, which seek to dispose of our appliance in its best condition, in this case the washing machine. Since you do not have to know about maintenance tasks, you just hope that nothing ever happens.

But maintenance extends to the use of the washing machine itself . I would tell you more, the use is the first and most important level of maintenance. To help in that mission to avoid odors in the washing machine and clothes, you can act by washing clothes as God intended. There are two basic details for you to help your washing machine to work in the best conditions . In addition to the usual adequate loads (no overloads or minimal loads in long processes) and the appropriate selection of the program (the washing machine itself will guide you with its pilots or threads), what has been said, besides this procedure there are two added details, in between path between maintenance and best use:

Check clothes before washing: Forgetting papers in pockets or other worse things can cause breakdowns, poor washing or affect the colors of the garments.

Check the outlet tubes of the washing machine: Behind the washing machine go the pipes that drain. Along with these tubes we usually store detergents, bleaches, dishwasher tablets, the garbage can. Have the detail of checking that between so much storage do not push the tubes or position them at an angle that hinders the exit of the water.


Guide for your clothes to maintain a splendid white

In the store, all the clothes look radiant. And especially the white one. However, over time, the garments are losing that untainted and resplendent aspect that made us fall in love when we bought it. To preserve the purity of the whites for as long as possible and avoid yellowing or becoming gray and lifeless, we present this guide so that your clothes maintain a splendid white. Write down and, above all, apply it in your daily life!

Wash the garment after each use

Although there is no visible stain, there are many external agents that affect clothing. The sweat, the particles of the deodorant, the perfume … All of them dirty the tissues in areas of more difficult access and cause them to yellow. For this reason, it is advisable to wash the white linen after each use or for a maximum of two to ensure that no dirt accumulates.

it is advisable to wash the white linen after each use or for a maximum of two to ensure that no dirt accumulates

Treat the spots as soon as possible

It is a council closely related to the previous one. The longer the stain remains on the tissue, the more it becomes embedded, hindering its elimination. We must be fast! If a playful drop of tomato, makeup or oil rushes over your favorite shirt, treat it immediately and put it in the washing machine powder detergent.

Separate clothes by color and type of fabric

It is a basic washing standard. Separating the white garments from the rest, we ensure that no color transfer occurs and allows us to use specific programs for white garments that guarantee a better result. For this, it is also advisable to separate them according to the type of fabric. For example, while cotton allows higher temperatures, linen or wool requires washing with cold and warm water.

It uses hot water programs and double rinse cycle

The higher the temperature, the greater the power of anti-grains. Now, you must first make sure of the maximum temperature that the garment allows by consulting the label. Similarly, the final rinse is very important to remove any remaining detergent and prevent the dirty wash water from penetrating and remaining in the tissues.

Avoid the dryer

The high temperatures that the clothes undergo in the dryer cause the fabrics to wear out more quickly. Dry it directly to the sun, the natural bleach par excellence (this is only advisable for linen).

Additional whiteners

If your clothes have already lost their original white, you can try other methods such as the use of homemade whiteners. The most common are vinegar (pouring it in the washing machine) or lemon (soaking with clothes for an hour). We can also use bicarbonate, applying it in a paste on the stain, or even peroxide, which we should mix in hot water and let it act on the stains, especially those darker and difficult to remove.

What did you think of our guide so that your clothes maintain a splendid white? Do you have any other trick to leave your white clothes as new?

Carpet and rug Cleaning Matress

How to clean the mattress without putting it in the washing machine

That of cleaning the countertop, the floor, the bathrooms or the carpet we already have internalized. It is part of our weekly domestic routine. But what about the mattress? Let the hand raise who will clean it thoroughly at least once a month. What we thought … few hands are seen. Error! It is an element of the home that we use every day and it is essential for our health. And is that a lack of maintenance involves the accumulation of germs and mites that can lead to allergies, skin problems and other problems arising. No problem. In this article we show you how to clean the mattress without putting it in the washing machine.

How to clean the mattress

How to keep your mattress in perfect condition

There are a series of daily actions that can help us to keep the mattress in perfect condition … or almost, since it is highly recommended to perform deep cleanings every so often.

Aerate your mattress … every day. It is not that it is a very demanding task. You just have to leave the bed unmade for a small period of time, leaving it dry (sweat is usually very typical on summer nights). It is not necessary to let it air all day.

Aspirate the mattress … every week. When you change the sheets, let the mattress air again and take advantage of the vacuum cleaner. In this way, we will eliminate an important part of mites and other dust particles.

Turn the mattress over … every year (in some cases every less time). You must do both side and orientation, so we make sure you do not lose stability by using it always in the same way. Some mattresses have one side for winter and another for summer.

Use mattress protector … always. It is a very profitable small investment, taking into account that it protects the integrity of our mattresses in the event of unforeseen events (those of you who have children know what we are talking about).

How to clean your mattress thoroughly

In addition to periodic basic maintenance, it is important to undertake deeper cleanings that guarantee optimal results.

One of the most common is those designed to eliminate the dreaded mites. For this, we will use a steam cleaning system, since only by subjecting them to high temperatures will we achieve a sure success. There is, similarly, an alternative method and something simpler. In specialized stores or on the Internet we can find specially developed products to eradicate mites.

On the other hand, to eliminate stains, such as urine, vomit, blood or mold, we must use chemical products that disinfect mattress fabrics with total guarantee. Peroxide and bicarbonate are the most used. Simply wet a clean cloth lightly and rub on the stain.

Do you have more home tricks to clean the mattress without putting it in the washing machine? Tell us on social networks!


Tips for the care of clothes and home

Faded clothes: Have you worn a garment you just bought? Do not worry, you just have to boil a liter of water with about 20 bay leaves for 15 minutes, strain it, let it cool and soak the faded garment. Then, clarify it and you’ll see that it’s as good as new!

Clean lacquered doors: When the doors of your house, those that are lacquered, show grease stains, you can eliminate them by applying ammonia diluted in water (in the same proportion) with a cloth, rinse with water alone and dry well.

Remains of cement in the ground: If after a reform, there are still traces of cement on the floor, remove them – if it is a waterproof floor – applying hot vinegar. Once it has softened, rub it vigorously with a brush with natural bristles.

If you have a narrow vase that you can not eliminate the bad smell, fill it with salt water and a good spurt of vinegar and let it act for 24 hours

Whiter cups: If the inside of your white cups has been darkened by the effect of coffee or tea, you can restore their whiteness by filling them with water and leaving, for 24 hours, a piece of raw potato inside. Afterwards, scrub normally. You will see how they are impeccable!

Stuffed toys: For large toys that do not fit in the washing machine, or for those that do not allow washing, this is an excellent trick that will leave them clean and disinfected: If your size allows it, put them in a plastic bag with a good heap of bicarbonate, trying to shake them so that the powder is distributed well. Let him act all night and, in the morning, shake them out.

Insects in the kitchen: Many times, when we put plants in the kitchen, small insects that nest in the soil of the pots end up appearing. To prevent them from moving freely around the room, get used to scrubbing the areas where the plants are located with a cloth soaked in vinegar: the insects hate this smell and prefer to stay away.

Striped parquet: If the parquet of your house presents some scratches that detract from its beauty, try to hide them by mixing beeswax for furniture with a bit of bitumen of a color similar to that of the floor. Apply the resulting paste on the line, let the act 20 minutes and remove the leftovers gently. Your soil will look much better.

Yellowish steel: Many times, after storing a stainless steel object for a while, it may show yellow spots. The way to eliminate those spots? Immerse the object in a basin with warm milk for about half an hour: The stains will disappear without a trace.

Leather garments: To keep in perfect condition the fur coats or garments, it is advisable to keep them hanging on a tailor’s wooden hanger (so that they do not become deformed) , since they will hold their weight better.

Plastic pools: Is it time to collect and store your children’s plastic pool? So that the next summer season your children find it in perfect condition, clarify it well, empty the water and let it dry. Try to dry the joints thoroughly. Finally, sprinkle generously with talcum powder, fold and store it.

Rust stains on household appliances: If the door or sides of your refrigerator or washing machine have rust stains, the best way to treat and disguise them is to cover them with a little spray paint, very easy to use and very opaque .

Sofas rubbed: If you have some areas of your sofas or sofas more brushed than others (As, for example, the part of the head or the arms, which are the most dirty) , removes dirt by rubbing with a cloth moistened with ether, then cover the area with damp salt and a cloth. Leave a while, remove and brush. It will be impeccable.

Black skillets: When a pan or saucepan is blackened by fat, recover it by boiling a stream of vinegar to cover the darkened area. Afterwards, you will only have to clarify. It will be as good as new!

Very dirty necks: With the heat and sweat, the collars of the shirts are easily soiled. To eliminate rubbing of the collars, pour a splash of ammonia in a basin of water, let the garment soak and, after a little while, rub with a soft brush. . Afterwards, you can wash the garment as you usually do.

Bright porcelain: If you have some plates, tureens or decorative porcelain objects, they will recover their brightness if, after cleaning them with water and dishwashing detergent, you rinse them and leave them to soak with water to which you will add the juice of a couple of lemons. Dry immediately. The shine will highlight embellishing the piece.

Sole of the iron: If the sole of your iron is somewhat damaged and does not iron as it should and sticks to the tissues, clean it by rubbing with green soap when it is cold. Then remove the remains by passing the iron on absorbent kitchen paper until there is no soap left.

Pearl necklace clean: To clean a pearl necklace, introduce it in a bowl with water to which you will add a handful of sea salt. Soak it for a quarter of an hour and then remove it, drain it and let it dry on a cloth. The pearls will be renewed.

Impeccable suitcases: If your cloth bags are very dirty, you will get to leave them shiny if you clean them with water and ammonia, in a proportion of 5 tablespoons of ammonia for 5 liters of water.

Knives without rust: Cut an onion in half and sprinkle it in powdered sugar. Then, rub it vigorously against the blade of the knife and you will see how the rust disappears.

Brightest Jewels: If you want this Christmas your jewels are the most shining, let them rest a few minutes in warm milk. Then, rinse and dry them with a cotton cloth.