• The curtains are responsible for dressing a window

    Modern Door Curtains

    When we need to renew the various rooms of our house, a good option is to choose to change the curtains, a detail that greatly modify every room of the home, the modern curtains are an excellent choice to manage to have a nice, new decoration in the kitchen, bedrooms and living rooms. An imposing curtain makes a difference in every environment, modern curtains for bedrooms are ideal for dressing room, the wide variety of fabrics, colors and textures help us spice up a room, but remember to be combined with other elements harmoniously fourth component including: The padding The cushions The carpet The color of the walls In a…

  • Recommended Black Out curtains for home environments

    How to achieve a beautiful decor with curtains

    In the whole decoration, curtains occupy a prominent place, as they define the style of the interior, and create atmospheres; the floral curtains, for example, put on a lighthearted note salon, bed linen invites subtle tones sleep and rest, patterned fabrics modernize the furniture and linens for tables are responsible for mood and color a celebration. This time we will talk about curtains, almost inevitable element in every dwelling, also called black out. As you know, the curtains are in charge of dressing the windows, and for this reason you must choose very well to achieve a beautiful decor with curtains, as they can significantly highlight other factors of the…

  • Blinds are currently manufactured in many materials

    How to Put Up Blinds and window coverings

    The blinds are the whole universe itself decorative with lots of options, materials, features and finishes, as well as being directly related to the world of sewing and crafts. It would be impossible to summarize them all in one post, but I’d choose a small selection for inspiration to highlight its infinite possibilities. One of the finest models is called Japanese panel (which takes its name from the traditional Japanese house with mobile walls), usually distributed in vertical panels that are hung on rails in several ways and move from left to right or vice versa, or While open to the sides from the center. It is the most comfortable…

  • It is clear that in addition to plain shower curtains can also find designs curtains for that very original and funny
    Accessories,  Bathroom

    How to choose and fit Shower Curtains

    Shower curtains are the most economical solutions for the bathroom. Usually your first bath accessories and since then over time you investigating in shower doors, glass doors and other rigid solutions. The truth is that taking a shower is one of the most special moments of the day. Sometimes you do it quickly, sometimes overwhelmed in and if it is part of the daily routine, you can think about the design of the shower curtains for the bathroom decor. Colors of Shower curtains to decorate You can find shower curtains in the most bright spot colors, which are the most common and cheap but not more bland. Instead, depending on…

  • Type of Curtains and their usage

    Type of Curtains and their usage

    The role of curtains in the decor has changed in recent times, besides the traditional functions: protect the incidence of sunlight, heat loss, the entry of cold currents, and to give privacy, continue to meet the advances in the design of glass and windows, decreased commitment and prioritized these decorative function. Therefore, the decorators are most free when put into play creativity. We have discussed about the┬áType of Curtains and their usage in this blog. Types of curtains: Some authors distinguish between curtains and draperies. Consider a simple piece curtain fabric, hung from a bar with rings or hooks, which are opened and closed manually. Instead we associate with the…