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Zara Home Kids Catalog Spring-Summer 2015

Believe it or not, the spring has come into our lives, so it is high time we started to notice this season in the interiors of our home, including children’s bedrooms. The smallest of the house are also entitled to enjoy this season of life in the shelter!

Of course it is not necessary to change the decoration of your child’s bedroom. With spring or summer introduce some elements will suffice. To help you out with this task, Zara Home Kids offers plenty of suggestions for decorating children’s rooms and other areas of the home during the spring-summer 2015. Do you want to know? So do not miss anything we tell you then!
Zara Home offers plenty of proposals to decorate the room of the smallest of the house, including newborns


For this spring and summer, Zara Home offers plenty of proposals to decorate the room of the smallest of the house, including newborns. Thus, in its new catalog no shortage of proposals for children to rest soundly. For example, we have cots and cribs highlight the firm proposes for babies that will add a touch of the most elegant small room. Also, do not forget the mattress and bassinet. Of course, wood is the true protagonist of these pieces of furniture, either in its natural color or white.

Zara Home Kids do not forget other textiles such as bathrobes or towels


Of course, the firm Inditex also offers bedding and other textiles for children’s room, can find basic sheets and pillowcases, comforters, blankets, pillows, rugs and curtains, duvets and cushions, Valances and protectors, and. In this sense, lacking the original and fun prints, some of them following the trends of the season (marine motifs, stars, cars, clouds, hearts …) plus smooth textile color neutral . In addition, Zara Home Kids do not forget other textiles such as bathrobes or towels. Also in these products find prints fun and simple and neutral proposals.

super fun and colorful proposals, with Micky Mouse and animals the main protagonists

Bath and table

Following the bath products, Inditex firm also offers various accessories and cosmetics for the baby of the house. We also have to recognize that we love the household that the brand offers for children, as it is super fun and colorful proposals, with Micky Mouse and animals the main protagonists. Of course, there are also bibs.

Puppets and decoration

We can not leave without before talking toys, stuffed animals and various decorative items that infant line Zara Home proposes for this time of year. What we like most is that we are talking about products made ​​with materials quality . Thus, among his proposals are frames and boxes; furniture and lamps; carpets and curtains; systems to organize; accessories; shooters; hangers and hangers; baskets and boxes; and wallpaper. Neither are the stuffed animals as animals and the most striking colors. The company also offers plenty of items for newborns, clothes sitting at home for the baby; fragrances; basic, textile accessories and various gift ideas.

Here we leave our gallery for Zara Home Kids Catalog, where you’ll find some of the images that Zara Home has prepared proposals to present their spring and summer of his children’s section. Of course, if you want to see all the products in your collection we recommend that you take a look at the website of the firm.

Bedroom Teenage Bedroom

Decorating Bedrooms for Women

Women’s bedroom design should be a unique atmosphere of feminine sweetness to achieve comfort, of which each of the spaces must have a touch of fashion and finesse because women like to have their room very tidy and above well decorated.

To look upon femininity perhaps invite a sleepover with your best friends. Not only that it also represent a woman who would love to have a room full of color, life and satisfaction.

Well today is what I want to accomplish for yourself, your room does not become something casual but a haven of fashion and female complicity that make you feel better than ever, using some material and above all imagination.

Here we present some options to make you feel very comfortable in the bedroom that is designed just for you.

Color: We start by choosing the tone of the walls, and this has to vary by more extravagant and lucid tones such as a lilac combined in stripes that are very fashionable or decorated very salient for a woman expressive vinyls, must try to find something different to the room since the colors like pink, white, etc.. Are already common for a woman so you have to vary trying to choose other colors that attract looks.

modern bedroom for Womenmodern bedroom for Women

Lighting: For the bedroom have more subtle about this lighting must prevail at all times and that women do not have the pleasure of living in the dark, so it is also advisable that the bedroom has a window to the random light has to use both parts for any make-up session or other action is done.

Organization: For the modern bedroom for Women has a greater amplitude or space is necessary to have well organized throughout the room such as all beauty accessories in a vanity or small dresser, second shoes, slippers, sandals in due shelf clothing and other items in the closet, some gifts like bears, dolls, etc.. On a shelf just made for such gifts that I have more lace in the room.

Absolute Scenery: For the room has greater delicacy and arrangement is recommended decorate the bedroom with flowers, funny pictures, pictures of your idols music or art, so many arrangements that only you can achieve with your imagination.

Total Leisure: For a woman to rest peacefully you must have a very comfortable bed and comforting it is advisable to try to rest in a bed for 1 and a half or if it could be in one of 2 places with a female head of reason more Thank You, also the pillows with the sheets and the comforter and/or quilt colors like cherry, orange, lilac, fuchsia, or combination of colors that attract attention and appear more fully in the bed and a dildo aspect when entering the bedroom for Women.

Teenage Bedroom

Tips for decorating the room of teenagers

Teenagers often express their tastes, standards and styles by decorating or redecorating their bed rooms and reading rooms. It is also a way of expressing who have grown and no children remain the same as always. Many times parents are struggling to try to decorate the children’s room, so in this post of we provided some tips to give a new twist to rooms for teens.

Decorating ideas and Bedding for teens room

Painting the walls

It is perhaps the most important things you must do to redecorate a teen room. When choosing colors for bedrooms, you should consult with your child to know what is his/her preferences and you can see his or her mark on the decor.

Share ideas

Talk to your teen about what they want to do to their room and try to reach a consensus that can be done in an economical manner. For example, stay with the furniture in the room but interior design give them a new face with paint. You can also make your own puffs!

Organization of the fourth

It is important to maintain order, as it is a way to turn it into a new space and a cozy room. You can also identify areas that you want in the bedroom, for example a study area or a place to hang out with friends.


To give you a more youthful style to the room, you can decorate with all kinds of accessories. From paintings and framed posters, remember that look much better-up stickers for walls.

New bedding

Choose a new bedding for the renovated room because teenagers need a room for linens, comforters and bedspreads with a youthful style that can match the colors and decor of the bedroom.

Rearrange the spaces

If you want to redecorate the very small room, then it would be good idea to reorganize spaces and appliances what you use. For example, beds with drawers underneath to store clothes help you use less and usually you get it can be placed in the closet. Save the accessories of the season or last season is also very useful.

How do you decorated your room? What other tips do you think are needed to renew a room for teenagers?

Bedroom Teenage Bedroom

Teenage girls’ Bedrooms

For the teenage girls, sleeping with photos, there are some ideas to decorate the bedroom of a teenage girl, eighties style, romantic, modern.

Teenage girls’ Bedrooms

A teenage girl’s bedroom with colorful style. The white, pink , red, orange. White canopy bed, white tables, white walls, red soil.

Orange chair. Bedding in floral print in the same tones. A color blind strawberry notes on the white wall. Several plain-colored pillows or flowers on the bed. 70s-Style carpet in circles of color.


You see on photo 1, teenage girl’s room decorated with furniture in retro design with the printing type cow. Black and white decor, contrasting with the blue wall. Carpets of white hair. Wardrobe, dresser furniture, white curtains and comfortable. The quilted fabric spindle also in white.


Teenage girls’ Bedrooms

A room with strawberry pink and fuchsia. Funky design furniture, a desk chair in white with pink.


Teenage girls’ Bedrooms

A teen bedroom with high ceilings in beige, has a ladder and a third bed up. Downstairs twin like, “Princess” curtains and bed head done in quilted.

Decoration Japanese influence in olive green and dark green wall. Minimalist design and cries very low. Most of the modern teenage girls like this type of design.

A teenage girl bedroom with contemporary design in red and white. Bed, desk, shelves.

Alice in Wonderland or Goldilocks, blue and white hearts. A room style Shabby chic, ideal for teenagers or girls.

Teenage girls’ Bedrooms

Here are some more tips for yourself to design to meet the demand of modern mind. Imagine yourself and test your taste. Decoration style retro hippie , colorful, circles, flowers . lamp retro design. The white and acid colors, orange, lime green, pink and pale blue.

A functional room with a nice nest in white bed. Pink in various details and the silver in the ottoman and cushions.

The turquoise and white for a bright and modern room. Bed, table, work space and storage. A bright room with white walls and floors in pearl gray.


A room for teenage girl who likes modern and simple design. Dark colors in a room with natural light.

Wood paneling, a table to the wall, a desk beside the bed in white. The white bed linens with green moss. The carpet of green hair oil. The decoration is abundant drawings comics and white objects contrast with the dark wood.


The other bedroom in turquoise and white ivory. With two shelves on either side of the bed, desk and plenty of storage.