The first step is to completely empty the rooms , cabinets and drawers
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The most frequent order errors that you should avoid

It is no secret that the decoration looks much more when the house is well organized. Although this may seem obvious, keeping rooms in order is not always easy, especially if we are many at home. We want to help you to put your house (and your life) in proper order and attractively organized. However, this time we are going to do something different. So instead of giving you advice to organize your home, we want to explain to you the errors of order that you should avoid.

The first step is to completely empty the rooms , cabinets and drawers

Not carrying out a good cleaning

One of the most frequent mistakes we make is to accumulate items that we do not really need . Therefore, we recommend you to do a thorough cleaning and get rid of everything you do not need.

Our advice

The first step is to completely empty the rooms , cabinets and drawers. Then, article by article, think about what things you want to keep. The ideal is to get rid of everything you have repeated or duplicated, what you do not use. If you have clothes or items that you have not used for a long time, maybe the time has come to get rid of them.

And now the big question: what can you do with all those products that you do not use? You can give them to a friend, donate to those who need it most, or sell second hand and thus earn some extra money.

Do not assign a place for everything

It’s typical: you arrive in a hurry and keep your things in the first place you find, either in the hall closet, in the lounge dresser. And, when a few days or a few weeks pass, you realize that the chaos It has taken over both your home and your life.

The solution to this error, or rather bad habit, is to assign a specific place to each thing and try to respect it. Or, if it is not possible, the ideal is to review your rooms a little each day , even if it’s only 5 minutes. So forget about that dreaded drawer where you keep all kinds of articles without any sense or coherence. Try to find a place for everything and respect it.

Another trick that will help you correct this bad habit is to have practical solutions that allow you to have everything at your fingertips. This advice is very useful for the things you use every day, because it will allow you to optimize your time and also your available space. So get yourself coat racks, shelves, shelves, etc.

Neglecting the bottom of the closet

Has it ever happened to you to search and search everywhere for any garment that refuses to appear? And, when you least expect it, you find it at the bottom of the closet or a drawer. This is another very frequent error that you should also avoid. The solution is simpler than you imagine.  We recommend you reserve the bottom of the cabinets and drawers for things you do not use, such as clothes from other seasons. And to avoid losing your items, use storage boxes for the closet or boxes with several compartments for the drawers of your dresser.

Use the surfaces as storage space

The coffee table in the living room, the console in the hall, the chest of drawers in the bedroom, the dresser in the dining room and many other surfaces act as a magnet for many pieces. However, these surfaces should not be used as storage space. Another order habit that is very frequent is that the rooms look crowded and chaotic.

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