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The screen: practical and decorative

beautiful decorative

The screen becomes a key element of our house because of its multiple functions. To conceal, separate two areas or use as a decorative element, the screen comes in several models.

The first function of a screen is still preserving privacy. In a room for two, the screen is placed between the headboard to separate the space for everyone. It is also very useful in an apartment where there are several roommates. Also for your privacy if your entry directly on your home, you can place a screen to prevent prying eyes.

If you’re one of those who have rented a small space because of property prices ever increasing, the screen is useful to separate each area of ​​the room and hide unsightly elements from your apartment as shoes or TV. And for those who live in large spaces such as a loft, walls and partitions are banned and replaced by a screen.


The screen: a true object of decoration

The screen is a decorative object that you can use around the house, whether in the living room or bedroom. In the living room you can put it in the corner of a large living room. Choose a beautiful screen and printed reversible, and place spots behind to create lighting effects. Hanging on the walls, the screen turns into an array and creates a nice surprise.

In your room, you can put against the wall as a headboard. So you’ll have a beautiful decorative object that will make all the difference to a room although elegant and chic. Finally, for a large room which also includes a water point, the screen may limit the two spaces and provide a decorative touch. So, choose a screen that matches the mood of the room. Otherwise, you can purchase a neutral screen and customize as you wish. This is a great way to bring originality to your home.

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