Like everything in the world, leather can get dirty in many ways

The trick to cleaning leather without damaging it

Leather is more delicate than it appears and could crack. The most important thing is to avoid heat, especially when we are going to dry it, since it will be irretrievably damaged. Also, apply products such as baking soda or vinegar with a toothbrush.

Without realizing it, cleaning leather is always been part of our life. We find it in upholstery, bags, wallets, belts or even some furniture. This element is said to last a lifetime, but you really have to take care of it if we want to ensure that it is.

Like everything in the world, leather can get dirty in many ways

Like everything in the world, leather can get dirty in many ways. The problem is that objects created with this raw material are not cleaned in the same way as others. If not cleaned properly, it could become damaged, hard or crack, completely spoiling its aesthetics. Therefore, we are going to learn how to clean leather without damaging it.

Tips for cleaning leather products without damaging it and without spending money

To clean leather you have to learn to identify the type of stain. If it simply has dust, we can clean it with a cloth and water, although we must do it very gently to avoid damaging it. If it is the upholstery of a vehicle, you should use the vacuum cleaner.

Unfortunately, grease stains are common, especially if we’ve been eating. To clean it without damaging it, we can use elements such as bicarbonate and vinegar, using a toothbrush to rub it without breaking it. Likewise, the dishwashing liquid also works very well, but always pouring a small amount and without rubbing hard. In the event that the stain is very large, you could try it with caustic soda, but you have to be careful with its corrosion.

Luckily, there are stains that are easier to remove. Those for makeup are usually removed with water, soap and bicarbonate , rubbing with a cloth and a toothbrush. Of course, at the end you have to remove all the soap, since it could damage it if it is left to act too long. Keep in mind that leather is not fabric and should not be treated as such.

As it is not a fabric, the most important thing about leather is not to let it dry in the sun or near heating elements. As it is skin, it could crack more easily. Instead, you have to dry with cold air, being able to use a fan in the case of an object and the car’s own air conditioning if it is its upholstery.

Of course, as leather is skin, you can repair some wrinkles . You can use anti-wrinkle cream and apply it gently, something that will help you hydrate it and prevent dryness. Of course, you must leave the cream to act for a few hours and then gently remove the remains.

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