The Volna table the new design of Nȕvist Studios
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The Volna table: the new design of Nȕvist Studios

In Dreamy Apartment we always like to keep abreast of new achievements. And since the beginning of the new year, the most popular designers and studios have started to promote their creations and latest projects, we could not pass one of the most attractive, innovative and modern Nȕvist Studios.

Volna table, one of the modern tables

What is it? The Volna table, one of the modern tables, avant-garde and innovative the entire market. A true projection design, and an explosion of color not to mention impossible. Learn a bit more of this accomplishment! And then tell me what you think.


The Volna table design

The Volna table is a very particular model. In fact, even has a design and a special way. You find it in various sizes and structures, not to mention you can also find it in various colors of the most striking.

The Volna table the new design of Nȕvist Studios

The proposal however, tries to avoid gravity, promoting a sense of comfort in sight, and make a striking impression very quickly. Perhaps one of the best options for modern offices that looks attractive decor, colorful, and most original. Being able to be found in various colors, Volma Table, the furniture will undoubtedly be the highlight of any room where the look.


Nüvist Studios

As Nüvist, after all, is to study the credit manager of the wonderful creation, is a Turkish company, which generally offers very modernist projects, and idealizations of the most attractive securities. This time, his most recent proposal is the Volna table, trying to offer the feel of a liquid design, and most surreal.


Finally, in terms of price, we can certainly bet it will be quite high. But anyway … What design of this style is not?


Finally, the Volna Table is already up for sale at the official site of Nüvist, there may not only be able to know the price of this wonderful creation, but you can also admire some of the other creations in which the company works.

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