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5 Tips to Protect Your Home From Fall Pests

When you’re thinking about pests the first step should always be to check with your local pest control expert regarding what pests you are most likely to be dealing with. Click here to check out your local expert.
A professional will help you protect your home and may even tell you about some pests you hadn’t thought about. They don’t have years of experience for nothing! Seriously, click here and find out more now. You can use their advice in conjunction with these 5 tips to protect your home from fall pests.

Tips to Protect Your Home From Fall Pests

1. Look For Entry Points

It’s easy not to worry about tiny cracks in your home but the truth is if you have a large home in your wall you’d seal it up pretty quickly. The same approach needs to be adopted for any gap or crack in your home. You may not be able to fit through it but there are plenty of pests that can.
A little sealant or some cement can quickly take care of any hole and give you peace of mind. Don’t forget to pay particular attention to the areas around your doors and windows.

2. Clear Gutters

Standing water will attract an array of pests, including the dreaded mosquito. To avoid giving them a place to lay their eggs it’s a good idea to clear all your gutters and make sure that all water is draining away smoothly from your home.
You should also check for leaks inside your home and plants outside that allow water to collect on them. Any form of standing water will attract pests, it’s best to eliminate it within 50m of your home.

3. Remove Clutter

The approach of fall is a great time to start tidying the yard. Clutter easily builds up when the yard is used daily. But, clutter represents a home for a pest, especially during the winter when items don’t tend to move around the garden.
During fall you’re less likely to use the outside space, this makes it a great time to start tidying all the items. Put things away that need to be kept and get rid of everything else. Don’t forget this also applies to the inside of your home, clutter inside makes a great nest for a mouse or other pest.

4. Food Storage

Pests need food to survive, depriving them of food will make it more likely that they’ll go somewhere else to live. The best way of doing this is to make sure all your waste goes into a closed bin, the bag is tied when it’s removed, and the bag is placed far away from the house for as short a time as possible. You also need to use food containers to store food. This will prevent pests from being able to get to it.

5. Clean!

Storing your food is great but you need to remember that even a crumb can feed some pests for a week. Clean your countertops down as soon as you’ve finished using them, preferably with a disinfectant spray.
You also need to vacuum regularly and even mop hard floors. Anything that makes your home less desirable to a pest is a good thing!

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