cleaning of swimming pools
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Tricks And Tips For Cleaning Of Swimming Pools

The pools are considered the main pieces when it comes to fun and relaxation is our houses when the heat strikes, we can spend a lot of time, entire nights because, thanks to its technological systems, we can have water heated all day at any time of the year. year. But we have to understand that they do not take care of themselves or sustain themselves, there are different processes that we must carry out in cleaning swimming pools to keep the water as pure as possible and in such a way to enjoy a good state of health.

For each specific case we have different methods of pool maintenance, which are usually divided into two groups: manual and automatic is the answer for those who are reluctant to use time to clean pools, in many cases, pools and They are equipped with this type of filtered water system that allows us to remove the leaves and dirt found in the water.

cleaning of swimming pools

The cleaning of swimming pools is not limited to automatic elements that filter leaves or toxins, but also to the chemical treatment that we have to give the water to make it healthy for people.

We are going to leave you some tips that can be very helpful when it comes to cleaning swimming pools, so you can enjoy a much cooler summer and in a safe way.

Before starting to clean your pool, check if you have to make any repairs, because during the winter it may have suffered some deterioration and broken tiles, etc. The best way to fix it is to use epoxy, which adheres very well in the water.

The pool cleaning is now and therefore have to use brushes and acids, but never soap because it can react with chlorine.
It is time to review the purifier. Before filling the pool, it is vital to check that the pump and filters are in perfect condition, as they will be responsible for cleaning the pool every day. Once reviewed, it is advisable to carry out a filtering process throughout the day.
The most fundamental thing is to guarantee the safety of the small children in the house and for this, you can build a wooden fence that surrounds the pool, for example.
It is essential to control the hygiene of the pool and verify that the water has the right quality for the bathroom.

In case of any unforeseen event, it is best to establish a first aid kit near the pool,

Every day, before you start using the pool, it is vital to remove the remains of leaves or other debris that may exist both on the surface of the pool and in the pump basket.
Moreover, every day we must add chlorine, so that the pH of the water is between 7.2 and 7.6. If it has rained, you can double the dose.
When the summer ends, it is not necessary to empty the pool if we do not use it again.

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