Type of Curtains and their usage

The role of curtains in the decor has changed in recent times, besides the traditional functions: protect the incidence of sunlight, heat loss, the entry of cold currents, and to give privacy, continue to meet the advances in the design of glass and windows, decreased commitment and prioritized these decorative function. Therefore, the decorators are most free when put into play creativity. We have discussed about the Type of Curtains and their usage in this blog.

Type of Curtains and their usage

Types of curtains:
Some authors distinguish between curtains and draperies. Consider a simple piece curtain fabric, hung from a bar with rings or hooks, which are opened and closed manually. Instead we associate with the word curtains to protect fabric that usually reaches the ground and are suspended from a rail with hooks that allow opening and closing through a system of ropes. In general, are more formal draperies and curtains easier.

There are three types of curtains: the panel, the coffee and bands.

Curtains of panel material are rectangles with hems at both ends, suspended from the top of the window, with rings or hooks. Hanging in natural folds. Often used in bedrooms and dining rooms. This can be combined with shutters, blinds, curtains or under.

Shades of coffee are usually hung by the average height of the window, leaving the top exposed. These curtains can be installed at a quarter or third of the beginning of the window to give a different style. Can be collected. Are widely used in kitchen and informal dining.

Curtains bands: are formed by one or two panels that are hung on the two base panels. The base panels are responsible for covering the bottom of the window and the outer panels, covering the top to overlap the base panels.

Curtains can have three basic lengths: the length of the sill, below the sill, floor length.

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