Decorating our homes with pictures
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How to Use Decorative Paintings for decoration

To decorate your house with boxes we must first define the type of box you’ll use, as they use a picture of high artistic quality is not the same as using small boxes that bring memories of your trips and pictures with sentimental reasons or meaningful special for each of us.

Use a picture with a high artistic value. If in your house we have a picture of high artistic quality must know I locate giving prominence it deserves. Since in this case the box is high quality artistic decoration determine who else you have in the room. It’s like when you go to mount an exhibition in the museum. When you go to the museum you will notice that the walls are smooth and neutral colors, always looking to pass unnoticed.

some tips to decorate our homes with pictures


We will take as an example to decorate your house, the same criteria have museums to present the exhibition of works of art:

It is important to place the box where light does not shine directly on it and the reflections are annoying.

Preferably the box should be the center of attraction in the entire wall so to speak, we should not put other decorative elements next to the box as can be tables, ornaments, vases, etc…

To enhance the colors of the picture, the wall should be painted a neutral color such as white.

If your wall decorating going to put more than one picture, beware that all tables have the same role. Always look for the balance in the decor, either from the agreement, for example one on each side. You should also see that the sizes are equal to avoid giving prominence to one more than the other.

Decorating our homes with pictures

Use pictures with little artistic value. Having a picture of great value not always within your reach, so in most cases we can only settle for replicas or pictures that fit your economy. But the good thing in these cases is that we can use them to repletar dynamism and color to a room. With the down economy we have we can buy paintings, whose shapes or patterns or composition of colors help give grace to the decor of your house for which there is some very helpful tips that follow:

Be careful that the tables does not shine the light directly.

Decorative Paintings for decoration

It is very important to make a deliberate and harmonious composition, it is easier to use order and symmetry, we can also try a random composition, always looking for a clear intention. We can put a large box and put the little ones surrounding grounds.

There are opportunities where the picture frame is more important. Be careful with this detail, if you want the box to have more importance than the frame or frame out more about the picture and this is the problem.

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